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Going Plant-Based: The Rise of Vegan and Vegetarian Food

By Maria Mascaraque, Industry Manager – Food and Nutrition

Experiential Snacking: Innovating with Texture, Format, and Flavour

Natural and colourful ingredients, rise in e-commerce sales and do it yourself food kits…

Strategic Themes in Food and Nutrition: Coronavirus Update

By Tom Rees: Industry Manager, Food and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition Trends: In Search of a Healthy Life

The article explores key trends in the health and nutrition landscape, including the emergence…

Where Do We Go from Here? The Future of Snackification Beyond 2020

Jared Koerten, Industry Manager –Food & Nutrition

Which Industries Will Benefit from At-Home Consumption?

Fresh food, hot drinks, packaged food, retail tissue and hygiene and home care –…

Coronavirus Outbreak to Accelerate Household Wellness Trends

This article is part of a series on COVID-19 focusing on how the outbreak…

Probioticele, aliati puternici pentru sanatate

Peste 31% dintre romanii adulti sunt obezi, iar peste 34% sunt supraponderali, potrivit…