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The LinkLeaders platform is exclusively dedicated to the largest companies in Romania and their leaders, creating links and interactions for new business opportunities, nurturing strong business relationships, facilitating the sharing of thought leadership, and initiating impactful projects for the Romanian business environment and society.

It is a VALUABLE CONNECTIONS facilitator for the EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY of business leaders that develop stronger business relationships with their peers and generate NEW BUSINESS opportunities to accelerate the development of their companies.

LinkLeaders help business leaders build on their existing business strengths, enhance their brand awareness, and reinforce their recognition and reputation using the program's extended infrastructure of resources and activities.

Please find more details below. You can also access a more detailed presentation here.



CEO Conference – Shaping the Future

We built the conference as an authentic debate and sharing platform for business leaders to discuss advanced business ideas, transformation models, innovation, growth and approaches that shape the world of CEOs in the following years of unprecedented challenges.

CEO Conference is an exclusive - by invitation only - event. This open and less formal environment allows top managers and entrepreneurs to share insights, vision, experiences and business practices, to get and reinforce recognition and reputation.

Premium Projects - CEO Conference

Please access a more detailed CEO Conference – Shaping the Future presentation here or visit the conference's website.


CEO LinkLeaders, thematic group meetings

Small group meetings (5-8 participants) sharing a passion or a hobby, or having the interest to discuss a specific topic in a private and confidential environment.

These evening meetings are hosted in a premium unique locations in a less formal format.


CEO LinkLeaders Talks, small group open or private meetings

Participants get the opportunity to meet a selected group of peers in a private and confidential environment, exchange business ideas, share vision and experience and explore new business opportunities.

The meetings are evening events in premium locations in a less formal format.


Conferences, meetings, webinars and workshops on request

From concept to relevant participants, we organize for our customers successful business events, bringing their ideas to life.


2. “MAJOR COMPANIES in ROMANIA” – premium English language business publication

Premium Projects - Major Companies

How to do and with whom to do business in Romania - “Major Companies in Romania”, provides business partners and investors with thorough information about Romania's most important 3000 companies, ranked by 32 industries and more than 300 activity domains.

It includes industry overviews, interviews and opinions of the key business leaders, offering valuable support for informed decision-making and new partnership opportunities.

Interviews - Leaders can speak about their company achievements, essential decisions, and experience overcoming challenging business situations to win trust and recognition and spark new opportunities.

Companies can permanently publish content (articles, advertorials, press releases, events, news etc.) in our www.doingbusiness.ro portal. All your interviews, advertising materials and company content are aggregated in an online comprehensive company summary profile!

“Major companies in Romania” has printed, flipbook, PDF and online versions. Please access a more detailed presentation here.



Leaders Insights

Premium Projects - Leaders Interview

Create the opportunity for business leaders to share vision, solutions, insights, ideas, and thought leadership through the complete range of interviews:

  • podcast;
  • video registered at your premises;
  • video, registered by webcam;
  • printed in our Premium business publications;
  • online (photos and text) published in our www.doingbusiness.ro portal.

The video and printed interviews also from a transcript version published online.
All interview versions are promoted on professional social media.


Company content promotion

Publishing content about the company can help to build trust, establish credibility, and create a positive perception of the company in the B2B community, enhancing brand awareness and reputation.

All content, from press releases, whitepapers, articles, expertise and case studies, events to interviews, is aggregated in the company summary page at www.doingbusiness.ro.


Access reliable Business information

A daily collection of relevant business content – articles, studies, news, insights, opinions, expertise, and ideas – to serve you both as a leader and business manager, that you can find in the Business Digest section of www.doingbusiness.ro.



LinkLeaders was designed for you to:

  • Build meaningful partnerships, meet investors, inspiring business thinkers, and influential consultants who can impact your company's performance;
  • Meet those who drive the real transformation in the local business;
  • Promote your achievements, bold decisions, and pivotal role in overcoming turbulent business situations to win trust and recognition and spark new opportunities for your future;
  • Enhance your brand recognition and gain trust in the most exclusive business community!


Premium Projects - Why Join?


Build a customized package following your objectives and company-specific activity:

  • Interviews - Video, Print, Online & Social Media;
  • Content promotion & Advertising in publications, portals, conference sites, and social media;
  • Events partnerships and participation (CEO Conference, LinkLeaders Talks & CEO Lounges, customized events);
  • One-to-one or one-to-many, private meetings;
  • Participation in our CSR programs.

Need to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us to our email at office@doingbusiness.ro, or our phone +40 21 317 0390.

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