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An advanced portfolio of solutions, tools, and resources for rapid business growth, helping Sales, Marketing and Purchasing departments increase their activity and efficiency.

How can we help you?

  • Sell more by attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, expanding sales areas, and increasing team efficiency;
  • Increase your company's and brand's visibility, promote your products and services offer online, positioning yourself ahead of the competition, and communicate to a targeted B2B community;
  • Streamline procurement by finding the best suppliers.

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Online applications for

  • Prospecting and lists of potential customers,
  • Complete Sales cycle management for your Team,
  • Detailed promotion of your offer, positioning yourself ahead of the competition in the largest B2B community and search engines

and offline services for

  • Lead generation and direct meeting scheduling,
  • Database updating,
  • Market research and studies,
  • Inbound services for customer support,
  • Partnerships for B2B conferences and webinars or special events dedicated to your company



Online applications and services for

  • Creation of a dedicated webpage for your company in the Kompass.com B2B portal, with all relevant information for potential partners, optimized for search engines,
  • Continuous promotion of content,
  • Digital advertising

and offline

  • Dedicated telemarketing campaigns,
  • Precisely segmented marketing lists,
  • Partnerships for B2B events.



Access a global database of potential suppliers online and use the automated system for sending and receiving requests for quotes (RFQ).




Kompass is an online platform that can be used for SALES, MARKETING, PURCHASING and PR, offering a complete range of applications, tools, and resources to find, select and contact prospects and manage the sales cycle efficiently. The Kompass.com portal is the perfect place to promote your products and services and the company's capabilities, positioning your company ahead of its competitors and advertise in the largest B2B professional community.

Business Development - Ebol+Sales Acc


Is an intelligent application for complete Sales Cycle Management, which includes resources for prospecting and executive contacts from social media.

The main EASYBUSINESS features for prospecting,

  • Access to a database of over 60 million companies (> 800K from Romania)
  • Comprehensive company data (contacts, activity, list of products and services, financial data, managers, registration codes, etc.)
  • Advanced filters for precise segmentation
  • Unlimited access to all companies and contacts
  • Custom exports in XLS and PDF formats
  • Alerts for changes in companies of interest
  • Intelligent functionalities, including:
  • Logical combinations of over 60 selection criteria
  • Saved searches
  • Statistics and distributions of search results by desired fields
  • Alerts for companies of interest
  • Insertion and sharing of notes
  • Multicontact - simultaneous email messaging to selected companies
  • Teamwork, list sharing, etc.
  • Company data constantly updated,

are completed by the SALES ACCELERATOR CRM features and contact data of decision managers collected from social media:

  • Complete management of the entire sales cycle, with all necessary functionalities: accounts, transactions, agenda, actions, meetings, and events.
  • Completion of own accounts with selections of prospects from the Kompass database.
  • Lead generation and management.
  • Acquisition of contacts and managers from the Kompass database.
  • Executives and their contacts from professional social networks (available for the top 10 European countries).
  • Synchronization and completion of company data with data from the Kompass database.
  • Synchronization of the calendar with Outlook.
  • Collaboration and information sharing.
  • Fully customizable control panel for team members, team leaders, and managers.

Watch how EASYBUSINESS & SALES ACCECELERATOR works in a short video here!


Business Development - Booster

Promote your offer and company and its complete offer on the most important B2B marketplace, increase awareness and recognition, get opportunities:

  • Marketplace - Promote your offer and company on the most important B2B marketplace
  • Detailed product presentations with the option of automatic upload
  • Links from product listings to video presentations, detailed catalogues, or the company's website
  • Promotion of special offers
  • Comprehensive dedicated company webpage, including video and catalogues, easily editable by sales and marketing teams
  • Unlimited content posts about the company and offers
  • Preferential positioning ahead of the competition in search result pages within the portal
  • Intelligent SEO for Google and other search engines

EASYBUSINESS si CONTACT+ for purchasing

Select the best suppliers from the Kompass.com portal or using EasyBusiness.

Insert requests for quotes (RFQ) in the Contact+ form, and Kompass will search for and find the right suppliers. You will receive the best offers directly from trusted suppliers.

You can receive RFQs for your products and services from your product pages or from the contact form on your company profile if you have the Booster module.



Your sales team will be more motivated and efficient in generating new sales, following the leads generated by our experienced B2B team of operators.

Business Development - Lead Generation

The process is simple but very efficient:

  • 40-65% of your prospects will receive the detailed presentation/offering via email
  • 3-5% will confirm interest in meeting (online or offline) with a sales representative from your company
  • Expand your potential customer database, obtaining lists of decision-makers and GDPR “ok-to-contact” for future communications
  • Detailed campaign questionnaires and reports
  • One-on-one meetings with potential partners in Romania and abroad



With a continuous quality improvement through hundreds of projects delivered for our clients:

Telemarketing campaigns

  • Well-targeted B2B campaigns for excellent efficiency
  • Customized and measurable results
  • Efficient mix of communication channels: phone calls, email, web pages, social media.

Market Studies and Research

  • Strategic decisions based on complete and accurate data
  • New market opportunities, both locally and internationally
  • Learn more about your customers' satisfaction and expectations through a customer satisfaction survey
  • Monitor your competition

Data services, personalized lists

  • Customized lists for sales and marketing teams, selected from our database
  • Over 30 criteria to select the right target audience for your campaigns
  • Complete and updated information due to constant data updating
  • Custom database formats that can be easily imported into your CRM

Inbound & chat customer assistance

  • Assist customers throughout the entire sales process
  • Offer excellent post-sales assistance
  • Guide customers on how to use the company's products or services
  • Get customer suggestions and complaints.



Business Development - Business Evolution

Join our partners for the Business Evolution event series and webinars, dedicated to business development solutions that companies can apply immediately.

  • Promote your solutions to a targeted segment of potential clients
  • Direct exposure to top management of companies
  • Direct communication and networking with managers and decision-makers
  • Promotion and communication before, during, and after events
  • Private one-on-one meetings with partners/interested participants

Please see a more detailed presentation here.



  • Complete range of B2B communication and business development services, online and offline: portals, applications, publications, conferences and webinars, databases, and a specialized telemarketing department for B2B lead generation.
  • Extended experience and flexible approach that allows us to create personalized solutions tailored to the business needs and objectives of our clients.
  • Resources and the ability to accurately filter the entire B2B segment, using over 30 selection criteria, so that for each type of project we can address the most suitable companies and decision makers.
  • The ability to ensure a target audience above the market average, both in terms of company size and roles of the stakeholders.
  • High professional standards that set us apart from the competition. Together with our partners, we offer high-quality services and solutions, with added value, as well as excellent ROI.

Build a customized package following your objectives and company-specific activity!

Need to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us to our email at office@doingbusiness.ro, or our phone +40 21 317 0390.

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