Experiential Snacking: Innovating with Texture, Format, and Flavour

Experiential Snacking: Innovating with Texture, Format, and Flavour

Natural and colourful ingredients, rise in e-commerce sales and do it yourself food kits are just some of the key themes currently dominating the snacks market

Sensory Experience Pivotal to Snacks Sector

Traditionally, snacks purchases have been characterised by a sensory component, more so than any other packaged food products. Consumer demand is typically more driven by concepts such as visual appeal, impulse exposure and a sense of indulgence over the nutritional value of the product. This has provided room for investment in product development in dynamic categories such as confectionery and savoury snacks. One of the key factors which has enabled players to sustain innovations and attract consumers’ interest throughout the years has been flavour. However, changing priorities among consumers mean flavour innovation alone, is not enough to sustain their interest and convince them of purchasing a snack anymore. Instead, they increasingly want a holistic experience from their snacks. According to Euromonitor International’s Lifestyles Survey, at least 40% of respondents in the youngest generations globally seek tailored experiences.


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