Intracom Telecom: Superior performance of the E-band wideband (UltraLink ™ -GX80)

Intracom Telecom: Superior performance of the E-band wideband (UltraLink ™ -GX80)

Intracom Telecom, a global provider of telecommunications systems and solutions, today announced the completion of real-time testing of its new high-capacity "E" band, UltraLink ™ -GX80.

This operation was carried out in cooperation with MTS Russia, the country's largest mobile telephony operator, to implement backhaul and frontha connectivity solutions. The company provides its "E" bandwidth solutions to MTS since 2016.

Specifically, since the beginning of the year, the company has successfully performed three real-world testing, achieving superior transmission capabilities over very long distances. The first test was conducted in the St. Petersburg, in the first quarter of this year, the system offering very good stability for the maximum modulation of 256 QAM, meaning a data capacity of 10 Gbps, transmitted at a distance of 8.27 km. The link has been kept for more than 45 days, demonstrating excellent performance.

The second real-world test was conducted in Novosibirsk city, supporting 3 CPRI interfaces for "frontha" connectivity. The UltraLink ™ -GX80 has been successfully connected to the existing MTS operator infrastructure.

In fact, the three CPRI interfaces served six Remote Radio Heads, three of which functioned in 3G technology and the rest in 4G / LTE Advanced technology.
In this way, the company has demonstrated the superior capabilities of the UltraLink ™ GX80 platform to serve multiple types of radio access cellular technologies and thus have made significant savings in the access network.

As the tests have been performed successfully, the UltraLink ™ -GX80 has demonstrated that it fully supports all the functionalities required for such applications (latency, etc.).

The third real-world test was conducted in Western Siberia, where connectivity between the two northern cities, Salekhard and Labytnangi, over the River Ob was achieved. The system achieved superior performance results, gaining a transferability of information nearly 9 Gbps over a distance of 13.64 km. This is the longest recorded distance for such a high bandwidth connection in the "E" band.

Andrei Ushatskiy, Vice President of Technology and IT at MTS, commented: "Due to the evolution of mobile networks, increasing data capacities are required in all segments of the network. Therefore, the need to sustain greater capabilities in transport networks becomes essential nowadays and in the near future. We are pleased with the results of the real-world tests we have performed with Intracom Telecom and UltraLink ™ -GX80 performance that covers very long distances and applications such as backhaul and fronth connectivity".

Mr. Athanasios Antoulinakis, General Manager of Intracom Svyaz LLC, said: "We would like to express our gratitude to MTS Russia for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate in the real world the superior performance of the new UltraLink ™ -GX80 system, developed in-house in the Research and Development Center of INTRACOM Telecom.

Due to the advanced development, the system offers a multi-Gbps transmission over very long distances. In addition, the unique advantage of the system to support CPRI interfaces, configurable only by parameterization and software settings, provides operators with the flexibility to use the same hardware system for both backhaul and frontha connectivity, according to their needs. "