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Bill Gates: How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic - TED Talks

TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Philanthropist and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates offers…


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Euromonitor Identifies 6 Themes Transforming Consumer Goods and Services as a Result of COVID-19

Euromonitor’s new report explores cross-industry themes to help companies strategize for…

Renewable energy sector is expected to bounce back quickly despite the impact of COVID-19

The latest index considers the potential impact of the pandemic, looking at the resiliency…

The reverse of generous support programs at European level - who pays?

Review by Dan Badin, Fiscal Services Partner, Deloitte Romania

The Rise of “Purpose-Driven” Businesses During COVID-19

Many businesses have managed to pull through by putting people ahead of profits

Which Industries Will Benefit from At-Home Consumption?

Fresh food, hot drinks, packaged food, retail tissue and hygiene and home care –…


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“Bright Talks in Difficult Times” - 7th edition organized by CARIERE and EY Romania Magazine, on Friday, May 29, between 11: 30-12: 30

“Bright Talks in Difficult Times” - 7th edition organized by CARIERE and EY Romania…

Press release

The NBR has considerably increased the volume of repo operations performed on a bilateral…

Order no. 6/2019 versus the new fiscal amnesty proposed by the Ministry of Public Finance

Opinion material by Cristi Secrieru, Partner, Adelina Raportaru, Managing Associate, and…

The fifth edition of Bright Talks in Difficult Times organized by CARIERE Magazine and EY Romania, on Friday, May 15, between 11:30 and 12:30

CARIERE magazine together with EY Romania organizes on Friday, May 15, between 11:30 -…

Fighting the coronavirus pandemic by protecting health and livelihoods

Unilever contributes 3 million lei (630,000 euros) to help affected people in Romania