EDUCATION 4.0 - Revolution of our transformation as a society. Where do we start?

EDUCATION 4.0 - Revolution of our transformation as a society. Where do we start?

CAREERS magazine organizes a special event about the future education in the disruptive era of artificial intelligence and radical transformation, EDUCATION 4.0 - The Revolution of Our Transformation as a Society. Where do we start ?, on 20 September 2018, Bucharest.

Companies need to support education. Specialists can not be trained by an anachronistic education system. Companies need to open up, provide their teachers with the knowledge to adapt to the new demands of employers.

We live in a period of "Fourth Industrial Revolution" changes or "Industry 4.0". This fourth industrial revolution is fundamentally different from its predecessors. It is a revolution of networks, platforms, people and digital technology.
The audience will be made up of over 100 participants: Middle Managers, Top Managers, Decision Makers from Different Companies, Opinion Leaders, Entrepreneurs.

At the conference we will discuss topics such as:

- Revolution in education; Hero, leader, model of life, model of education;
- THE MAGIC SWITCH. How can I change children's coaching methods?
- Offensive of companies to the talent crisis;
- The four pillars of modern education: the parent, the educator, the student, the employer. Everyone needs leadership mentality. The genial children of Romania, marginalized ?! Future for gifted children !;
- The future of education means vocational education, entrepreneurial education, financial education, digital education;
- Learning in the digital age - people know, but they do not!

Among the speakers are: Key Note Speaker Daniel David, Prof. Univ. Dr. Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca; Oana Moraru, Educational Consultant; Oana Botolan, Managing Partner, Cteam Human Capital; Dan Berteanu, Managing Partner Equatorial; Anca Moldoveanu, Founder Family Hub; Smarandita Schnel, Director HR BPO, Telekom Romania; Cristian Hatu, President and founding member of the Center for Evaluation and Analysis of Education (CEAE), Iulian TRANDAFIR, CEO Farmexpert and others.

Moderator of the event: Daniela Palade Teodorescu, Editor-in-Chief CARIERE Magazine.
Connectivity partner: Telekom Romania.
Partners: Cteam, Equatorial, Family Hub, Center for Evaluation and Analysis of Education (CEAE), Farmexpert - Alphega Pharmacy.
Official Radio: Europe FM.
Media Partners: HR Manager Magazine, HR Club, Biz Magazine, Wall-Street.com, HR Portal, Doing Business, Business Journal, Repatriot, Elite Business Women, RFI Romania, Mozaic Media, Itsy Bitsy.

More details on participation and registrations can be found on the event's website https://www.cariereonline.ro/events/educatia-40-revolutia-transformarii-noastre-ca-societate-de-unde-incepem..

For more details about the event, you can contact Laura Gheboianu, phone: 0726 768 079 or email at events@cariereonline.ro.