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9 tips on how to set up a Remote Contact Center

Ten tips on managing the workforce of a remote contact center

Intrarom successfully completes a smart metering contract for Distributie Energie Oltenia (DEO)

The project is an integral part of CEZ Group's strategy to invest in modernizing…

Expansion of the National Telemedicine Network by the OTE Group and Intracom Telecom

Health Services of the same standards as those of urban centres for 22 islands…

Intracom Telecom’s 5th generation Point-to-Multipoint Radios for USA’s RDOF Gigabit Tier service

The WiBAS™ G5 ultra-broadband FWA solution delivers Gigabit Tier throughput per subscriber in urban,…

Italian WISPs Embrace Intracom Telecom’s TDD E-Band Radio for Gigabit Access

The Company claims to be the first to deploy TDD E-Band radios in Italy


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Intracom Telecom Recognized as Intel Network Builders Solution Plus Partner

Intel Network Builders, a trusted global, mature ecosystem, evaluates annually the partners that are…

Intracom Telecom: Superior Performance delivered from its High Capacity  E-Band System UltraLink™-GX80 with CPRI Option 7

The field test of UltraLink™-GX80 in China Mobile’s network proves system’s superiority

Intracom Telecom Among The Best Positioned Radio Suppliers Worldwide

Intracom Telecom’s complete proposal for HW ODU, HW IDU and NOS SW ideally fulfils…

Intracom Telecom Supports Greece’s National Health System

In line with its strategic goal and social responsibility the company donates mobile medical…

INTRAROM’s Announcement regarding the Competition Council and ANAP Joint Opinion dated 26.08.2020

INTRAROM has requested the removal of its name from this “blacklist” and underscores that…