TeCOMM 2018: How to increase conversion rate by 20% in eCommerce

TeCOMM 2018: How to increase conversion rate by 20% in eCommerce

The annual growth in sales volume and relevance to the domestic market, complemented by expansion to new markets are just some of the main concerns of every online store owner.

If we talk about the current Romanian online trade, we can only mention a few dozen online stores that can boast their figures.

In this context, the vast majority are struggling to get bigger conversions, whether we are talking about subscribing to the newsletter, clicking on a specific banner or purchasing a product on the site.

"One of the ways an online store can increase its conversion rate is through redesign," said Gennadiy Vorobyov, co-founder and CEO of Netpeak Bulgaria (digital marketing agency). Gennadiy will be present at TeCOMM on November 9-10, 2018. He supports a detailed presentation accompanied by a case study explaining how he can increase the conversion rate by more than 20% following strategic redesign.

TeCOMM 2018: Live Content, Real Questions, Interaction with Professionals

This year's main stage emphasizes the speakers present at the eCommerce Mistakes and how they can be avoided by presenting case studies through the experience of climbers all adapted to the current eCommerce market.

"At this edition we decided to bring into question the less pleasant aspects of the industry. Having the practical and motivational side, the speakers present on the main stage have the role of pointing out what online businesses are wrong with, how they can correct or avoid certain mistakes from the start. "Said Iulia Pascal, Marketing Manager of TeCOMM.

Among the confirmed speakers are: Ana Sipciu (Industry Manager, Google Romania), Ivan Imhoff (Founder & CEO Cognytive), Gabriela Lungu (founder, Wings), Petr Svoboda (CEO of Shopsys).

New section @ TeCOMM

"Whether we are talking about eCommerce platforms, figures, graphics, or tools that ease our work, online is inevitably about technology. That is why we have brought to TeCOMM a section dedicated to those behind the keys: developers. AI & Big Data MasterClass addresses software architects, technical managers, Artificial Intelligence developers and data science specialists. Being a hands-on event, AI & Big Data for developers is the ideal framework for learning, creating, developing and testing programs that are meant to change our business altogether. MasterClass dedicated to Developers of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data takes place on November 9, 2018 and is part of TeCOMM, the eCommerce premium event, "the organizers said.

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