Intracom Telecom launches the new range of radio equipment (MW) for ultra broadband fixed access networks

Intracom Telecom launches the new range of radio equipment (MW) for ultra broadband fixed access networks

Intracom Telecom, a global provider of telecommunications systems and solutions, today announced the launch of the new Point-to-MultiPoint MW (PtMP) MW, WiBAS ™ micro-BS that provides connectivity for corporate and residential environments.

The company will exhibit its unique product at the 7B50 stand, in room 7 at MWC Barcelona, ​​25-28 February 2019.

Mobile operators and Internet Service Providers can now benefit from the new WiBAS™ micro-BS, a base PtMP MW (BS) base station operating in the 28 GHz licensed frequency band.The device delivers state-of-the-art IP connectivity for wireless fixed access networks (FWA) and perfectly matches an operator's needs for installing hard-to-reach areas that do not allow the installation of typical equipment in both residential and corporate subscriber locations.

Using a compact omnidirectional antenna, WiBAS ™ micro-BS offers a large coverage area to be installed in the center of a rural area to serve subscribers in the area. Due to its small size, WiBAS ™ micro-BS does not require large telecommunication infrastructure for implementation. It combines sophisticated QoS capabilities with robust and efficient operation, being fully compatible with all available WiBAS ™ terminal stations. It is worth noting that the WiBAS ™ micro-BS radio station is built on the most advanced technologies available on the market.

As with all MW innovative MW systems, the manufacture of this radio system will take place at Intracom Telecom's main production base, Intrarom, in Romania.

John Tenidis, Director of Intracom Telecom Wireless Solutions Marketing, commented: "We are committed to meeting any requirement for the highest quality FWA broadband in suburban and rural residential areas, we have expanded our radio portfolio (MW) with a new the Point-to-MultiPoint System Generation, a compact station that offers the highest capacity, comfort, performance and energy-saving features in the market, and which integrates discreetly with the environment. This new product release reaffirms PtMP's innovation and leadership in the field of PtMP systems, enabling today's customers to offer their subscribers superior quality and ultra-broadband services. "