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Online reviews, more and more important in the decision to buy appliances

Results of the GfK FutureBuy study on the influence of technology on purchasing behavior

Roland Berger study: Women in leadership positions in the digital age

Gender equality in Romania continues to be a topic that still is a controversial,…

At the biggest summer festivals, the brands were the stars on the digital scene of the activations implemented by the Experiential by Syscom Digital division

Those who attend concerts are more likely to buy products from brands that are…

How do we orchestrate automation technologies and human resources to support digital transformation?

Automation technologies are in fact an engine for digital transformation increasing

Crestere comerciala solida si utilizare tot mai intensa a canalelor digitale in prima jumatate a anului 2019

Noul CEO, Mihaela Bitu, a preluat conducerea bancii, nu doar intr-o noua etapa din…


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Allianz-Tiriac protect the customers to stay in charge

Interview with Virgil Soncutean, CEO - Allianz-Tiriac Insurance

Mission Impossible: the Perfect Business Plan for Long Term Success

Interview with Iulian Trandafir, CEO – Farmexpert

I am Just Following up my Dream

Interview with Liviu Dragan, Chairman - Druid Romania

Why and How to Stand out as a Business Leader in the New Era

Interview with Carmen Stefan, Business Strategist

Romania is Betting high on Renewable Energy

Interview with Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice-President - ANRE


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How to Web - About technology and the unconventional that turns ideas into useful products and global businesses

How to Web supports tech and digital professionals to develop useful approaches so they…

Smart eHub Digital Innovation Center, an ally in accelerating the digitization of Romanian companies

The solution of digitization of companies is not something optional but compulsory in order…

KPMG Legal Romania makes a strategic move in Technology, IP and Privacy advisory by absorbing the law firm Fernbach & Partners

Cristiana Fernbach joins the management team as coordinating Partner of the Technology, IP and…

Zitec is officially the only Romanian company Magento partner, world leader in e-Commerce

With over 16 years of experience in developing online stores for customers around the…

Schneider Electric's solutions EcoStruxure reduce electricity consumption by an average of 24%

These solutions bring digital transformation in production spaces, in commercial buildings, in electricity distribution…


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Distribuitor XEROX pentru: - Imprimante; - Copiatoare; Ofera aplicatii software integrate cu echipamente xerox…


Distribuitor Ericsson pentru solutii de telecomunicatii: - businessphone; - telefoane cordless; - telefoane digitale;…


Specialized in design and engineering services, digital visualization, concept for product and interior design…


Publicitate full service: tipar digital, tipar offset, creatie grafica, productie publicitara, servicii de personalizare,…


Proiectare pentru robotica.