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Intracom Telecom Supports Cameroon’s Network with  its Leading Wireless Access Technology

Intracom Telecom announced the award by Wiicom for the supply of a network comprising,…

Intracom Telecom’s StreetNode™ Seamlessly Connects a Major Maritime Hub in the United Arab Emirates

Intracom Telecom announced the deployment of its revolutionary auto-aligning Ethernet radio platform, StreetNode™, to…

Intracom Telecom’s Point-to-MultiPoint Technology  Stands Out in South Africa

Intracom Telecom announced the supply of its WiBAS™ Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) technology to Dark Fibre…

Intracom Telecom Upgrades Police Service of Northern Ireland Wireless Transmission Network

Intracom Telecom supports Northern Ireland’s Police’s mission critical communications

Intracom Telecom introduce cea mai mare extindere a portofoliului de solutii wireless MW si unda MM de pana acum

Intracom Telecom, un furnizor global de sisteme de telecomunicatii si solutii, si-a anuntat cea…


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INTRAROM SA is the main subsidiary of INTRACOM Telecom, a global telecommunication systems vendor…