HONOR is experiencing strong growth in global industry

HONOR is experiencing strong growth in global industry

The HONOR View20 top model is set to be launched globally

HONOR, one of the top e-brands of smartphones, has strengthened its industry leadership with strong growth in 2018, despite a global recession of the industry. According to IDC, the global smartphone market recorded a 3.1 percent drop in deliveries over the first three quarters of 2018, but HONOR resisted this trend, recording a 27.1 percent increase.

At the moment, HONOR is ranked first in terms of market share in online mid and high-end channel space for the same period.

"HONOR products help us win the support of the 100 million fans around the world. We believe Honor will soon fulfill our goal of becoming a top 5 global smartphone brand in three years, and top 3 in five years. This year, we rebranded ourselves with a new logo, accompanied by the HONOR MY WORLD slogan, and we have a new mission: to create a smart world that belongs to young people all over the world. Our new visual identity will continue to echo and help accelerate the development of our brand, "said George Zhao, HONOR President.

The global launch of HONOR View20 will take place on January 22 in Paris.

The top-of-the-line model brings you the latest in innovation and creativity from HONOR.
Since its inception, HONOR has made history, driving the revolution of smartphones in terms of Artificial Intelligence (AI), performance and product design.

HONOR evolution in terms of AI

AI is and will remain the biggest innovation in the industry. According to a study by PwC, it is estimated that AI will contribute to the global economy by up to $ 15.7 trillion by 2030. Identifying this major trend, HONOR has recently released, along with the HONOR View20, a revolutionary AI camera. The device uses the AI ​​computing power and dual-ISP and dual-NPU enabled dual-NPU processing capabilities of the Kirin 980 chipset to combine the essence of several photos taken by the world's first 48MP camera (powered by the Sony IMX586 sensor) and to create an ultra-high-definition 48MP AI image.

Over the years, Honor has been amazed by a succession of important breakthroughs in AI.

In December 2016, HONOR launched HONOR Magic, the industry's first smartphone "Magic Live", capable of verifying the ecosystem, learning how to collaborate with companies, and help design cloud applications.

A year later, HONOR moved to the next level and incorporated into HONOR View 10 an AI chipset, Kirin 970, allowing scene recognition and self-learning capabilities.
Equipped with the same AI chipset, Honor 10 features a dual-lens AI 2.0 camera with two lens and seamless image segmentation technology, an industry premiere that can recognize over 500 scenarios in 22 categories in real time.

HONOR evolution in terms of performance

HONOR continually brings up-to-date hardware and software upgrades to its smartphones to provide consumers with uninterrupted performance. HONOR has equipped the HONOR View20 with Link Turbo, which uses AI data and large data volumes to automatically analyze user behavior during use and network conditions. This allows them to run smoothly on Wi-Fi or 4G networks and increase download speed by simultaneously using both networks.

In addition, HONOR launched a series of high-end technologies last year. The GPU Turbo, launched in June 2018, is a revolutionary hardware-software integration solution that raises the graphics processing power by 60%, while reducing the SoC (System on Chip) power consumption by 30%. Honor has also launched the liquid-cooled cooling system, equipped with a 9-layer thermal design and a PC-type liquid coolant pipe. This offers a 41st increase in heat dissipation and a reduction of up to 10 ° C in the processor temperature for mobile phones.

HONOR evolution in product design

Honor gives priority to the design of its products both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. HONOR View20 is the perfect combination of the two.

The HONOR View20 comes with a completely new, all-view display technology with an innovative design that integrates the front camera into the screen and a vibrant, dynamic V-shaped color rendering from nanolithography technology.

HONOR has been from the beginning in the top in terms of the race for an authentic full-fiew screen, right from the adoption of the 18: 9 frameless HONOR 7X and HONOR View10 models in 2017. Not long after, HONOR released HONOR 10 with a cut screen, expanding even more the display area. HONOR has dominated smartphone design since the introduction of Sapphire Blue colors to HONOR 8 in 2016 and Glacier Gray to HONOR 9 in 2017.

Then HONOR went beyond uni colors and launched HONOR 10 and HONOR 10 Lite with constantly changing color variations as well as HONOR 8X that has a double texture.