CEO Conference – Shaping the Future Slowbalization – How to redesign the organization of the future

CEO Conference – Shaping the Future "Slowbalization – How to redesign the organization of the future"

Over the next 50 years, we will experience more changes than we have done over the past 5.000 years

CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, organized in Bucharest on May 22nd, 2019 at Stejarii Country Club under the theme "Slowbalization – How to build the organization of the future" brings together top CEOs in Romania to discuss new regional and international trends that will influence how Romanian companies will develop their own business in the next period. The conference brings into discussion the new logic of competition, new growth models, the labor force recruitment revolution, how to combine the best qualities of the human workforce and robot capabilities and the stages of transformation innovation.

Speakers that will be present to show how they are currently redesigning the new organization of the future are: Dominic Bruynseels, CEO - FIRST BANK, Virgil Soncutean, CEO - Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari, Violeta Luca, General Manager Microsoft Romania, Iulian Trandafir, CEO - Farmexpert, Ondrej Safar, Country Manager - CEZ Group Romania, Wolfgang Schulz, General Manager - BMW Group Romania, Mihnea Craciun, Deputy Head of Romania - EBRD, Alexandru Reff, Country Managing Partner, Deloitte Romania si Moldova, etc.

"CEO Conference - Shaping the Future, the premium event organized annually by DoingBusiness.ro has become the best platform for company leaders to get ideas and information that can transform the way they manage their organization. We present every year unique experiences, new solutions, functional and useful in redesigning our own strategies. In 2019, we present for the first time in Romania a theme that was debated earlier this year by the world's most important leaders - the "Slowbalization" trend. We want to show Romanian managers how they can redesign the organization of the future, "said Dumitru Ion, CEO of Doingbusiness.ro.

At this edition, CEO Conference – Shaping the Future - „Slowbalization – How to redesign the organization of the Future”  we expect over 150 CEOs, General Managers, investors, entrepreneurs, and other decision-makers to discuss how companies in Romania understand to adjust or accelerate their business in order to respond as efficiently as possible to the new economic, social, technological and legislative trends of 2019.

For the first time in Romania, DoingBusiness.ro will present to CEO Conference an exclusive interview with Adjiedj Bakas, the author of the book "The New Renaissance" and the one who introduced a new term "Slowbalization" in the world financial dictionary.

"In the next 50 years, we will experience much more change than in the last 5000 years," says Adjiedj Bakas. He further states that "globalization slows down. New nationalism, regionalism and patriotism are gaining momentum, while the concept of unbounded globalization stagnates. In addition, due to digital transformation, artificial intelligence and robotics, it is becoming increasingly cheaper to produce locally."

Speaking of "Slowbalization", Adjiedj Bakas explained how the opening of borders as a result of globalization has turned Eastern and Southern European countries into states providing so-called "youngsters". "Italy, Portugal, Romania are exporting their promising young people to Germany or Scandinavia. Already the aging of the population is a problem that is becoming more and more severe in these states. It is important for countries like Romania to try to reverse the emigration process. Immigration from other nations is not a solution, "says Bakas, who states that " you can not build a future based on the children of other nations. " Bakas sees also the solution: "Many people in Sweden, France or the Netherlands are starting to buy properties in Portugal or Hungary and move their assets and pension funds to these countries. Romania can benefit from it and can join this trend." "So far, the winner of the slowbalization process is China, and among the possible losers there can be countries such as Sweden, France or the United Kingdom. China, Russia and the United States will be the main powers in a multipolar world led by the Chinese, " Bakas believes, while " Europe is rapidly becoming a big outdoor Disneyland with tourists from all over the world. The Romanian tourism industry can benefit from this extremely strong trend. "

Bakas also sees for Romania the possibility of capitalizing on the global demographic evolution: "The population of the world grows every day with 220,000 people. Thus the agricultural and food industry has a great future, it can produce enormously for export. Meanwhile, the global IT industry is growing rapidly. Romanians are good at this and expect a fantastic growth, " said Adjiedj Bakas for CEO Conference – Slowbalization. How to redesign the organization of the future.

Leaders of the most important Romanian companies will meet on May 22 at the CEO Conference - Shaping the Future to discuss both Adjiedj Bakas's predictions and other top-level topics on the agenda of top executives who run successful organizations.

The partners of the event are: FIRST BANK, EBRD, Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari, CEZ Group Romania, Farmexpert, Microsoft Romania, Strauss Romania, Prestigio, Psychometric Systems, DENT ESTET, Kompass Romania.

The promotion of the event is supported by prestigious partners like RMKT - The Association of Hungarian Economists from Romania, Agerpres, Agora, Business24, Careers Magazine, CFnet, Financial Market, Business Journal, Express Manager, Spatiulconstruit.ro, SoftLead, Transilvania Business, Ziare.com.

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