LIDL inaugurates the first logistics center in the eastern part of the country

LIDL inaugurates the first logistics center in the eastern part of the country

Lidl continues to invest in Romania and inaugurates the first logistics center in the Eastern part of the country, near the Roman city, at Cordun village.

In May the activity of the fifth Lidl warehouse in Romania, which serves 50 stores in Moldova, started. The construction is in line with Lidl's sustainability strategy and is an extremely important logistics point for streamlining the distribution process in the Eastern part of the country.

With a total built area of ​​over 45,000 m2, on a 133,000 m2 surface, Lidl's new logistics center is located in Cordun, near the Roman city. The warehouse is in proximity to the European road E85, which is an important factor in choosing location because it allows to keep the average product transport distance to stores below 150 kilometers and streamlines the distribution process in the Eastern part of the country.

"As part of our sustainable business strategy, efficiency is one of the guiding principles we have in our expansion business, so building the first Lidl warehouse in the Moldavian region has come as a natural step, thanks to the growing pace of our retail network. The location of the logistics center near the E85 road allows us to optimize vehicle paths and, implicitly, help us to reduce the environmental impact. At the same time, like all the new buildings in our portfolio, this was achieved using advanced building technologies, "said Vincent Martin, Romanian Regional Manager, Lidl Romania.

In addition to the sustainability-oriented construction process, the company's fifth warehouse is remarkable as it was designed to have a low carbon footprint. For example, the low energy consumption required for the warehouse's operation or the implementation of technical solutions such as the heat recovery generated by the refrigeration plant and its use for heating, ensure the high energy efficiency standards of the building.

The inauguration of Lidl's first warehouse in Moldova has a positive impact on the local economy through the creation of almost 200 jobs, both in the operational and administrative areas.

As in the rest of the country, no Lidl employee in the new deposit will earn an average monthly gross income of less than 3,500 RON (2,180 RON net), including the salary and lunch vouchers amounting to 15 RON for each day work, annual Easter and Christmas bonuses, as well as other bonuses, like the anniversary, offered to warehouse commissioners and stacker.

Other benefits such as life and health insurance, back-to-school packages or vouchers for employees who have children in primary and secondary school, free transport to warehouse, vacation that grows progressively in the first years of work, and opportunities for professional development.

For example, before this month's opening, each employee received a tuition period in one of Lidl's country warehouses, Iernut, Nedelea, Chiajna or Lugoj.

At the same time, certified for the third consecutive year as Top Employer, Lidl continues to invest in working conditions standards. Thus, the new logistics center in Roman has a number of facilities for employees, such as special lockers, a dining room and a relaxation area with an area of ​​approximately 138 m2, which continues with an outdoor terrace of 100 m2, where employees can have lunch.