Managing talent

Managing talent

Strategic talent management is a key factor to organizational health. In 2013, the HR Department will continue to implement succession planning initiatives and employee engagement efforts.

Therefore, employees want goals and opportunities for innovation, they want purpose.  In order to retain the talents and motivated them, the HR department must create the learning environment. There must be a strategic partnership between executive leadership and HR department.

Employee retention – A money saver

There is an old statement in HR Management books that says: "Employee retention is the single best strategy to save money and time on recruiting and replacing employees." And it's true. A high rate of staff turnover can be costly to a business and cause constant upheaval in the workplace. Staff retention is important to maintaining the image of the business as well as creating a stable, trusted environment.  At this moment, we consider that most of the Romanian companies are understanding that the costs of personnel recruiting and development are significant and the idea that "the cheaper the better" is a trap. Taking into consideration the economic situation, everyone is aiming for quality services. Yes, maybe sometimes we don't have the budgets and the tools, but with a proper strategy retention we will surely have the know-how of a well prepared and motivated employee.

Building innovation from within

The most powerful force is business in culture. Attracting and keeping the most innovative people, and constantly improving their skills, and creating a culture that supports innovation will enable the company in the long run to differentiate itself. In this matter, all companies are striving to achieve high performance. In today’s business landscape (increasing customer demand, global competition, economic situation) being good isn’t enough.


Besides cost effectiveness, the advantage of temporary workforce is also the high level of flexibility, is proves to be a great solution for  peaks of activity or changes in operational activity for which an increase in number of employees is required. Temporary workforce can be used on long term as well, only that most of our partners decide to take fully on board high performers as a motivational factor and a mean to increase their level of commitment.

The educational system is not correlated with the employment offers, therefore we have a high number of graduates not working in their area of academic expertise and area where we don't find the required knowledge in graduates, as they hadn't studied the topics in universities.