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Start for the natural gas market liberalization on 1 July 2020

Author: Vlad Caragea, dipl.ing. Power Engineer Energypal - Timepal Romania

EnergyPal: Only 14% of the companies have a smart metering system for the main equipments

According to the study "Energy efficiency in Romanian companies" carried out by EnergyPal, in…

How do leaders lead by influence

There can be no leadership without influence, because influencing, including through the power of…


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The obligation to submit to ANRE, by 30 April 2019, the Declaration of Consumption and the Energy Manager services

The obligation to report to ANRE the Declaration of Consumption

Earnings and savings through the proper maintenance of the refrigeration systems

Technical staff should consider opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration chambers, congestion…

15 actions for achieving energy efficiency at home

Active energy efficiency can be achieved by installing energy-saving equipment and devices in the…

Upgrading for energy efficiency without initial costs

Initial costs are a major barrier to implementing energy efficiency projects in many areas…

Financing energy efficiency projects

Energy efficiency is the key and central element of all sustainable energy strategies. There…