The obligation to submit to ANRE, by 30 April 2019, the Declaration of Consumption and the Energy Manager services

The obligation to submit to ANRE, by 30 April 2019, the Declaration of Consumption and the Energy Manager services

The obligation to report to ANRE the Declaration of Consumption

A. The obligation to report to ANRE the Declaration of Consumption

According to the Energy Efficiency Law, L121 / 2014, as subsequently amended and supplemented by Law 160/2016 and ANRE Decision 366/2019, the obligations of the economic agents in Romania are the following:

1. Economic operators with an energy consumption greater than 1,000 toe (tons of oil equivalent) per year shall complete and submit to the Department for Energy Efficiency, by 30 April each year, the annual energy consumption declaration and the questionnaire on the energy consumption analysis.

2. Economic operators having an energy consumption of over 1,000 toe have the obligation to:

  • Perform a 4-year energy audit on the entire energy consumption contour.
  • Develop energy efficiency improvement programs that include short, medium and long-term measures. They shall be drawn up in accordance with the model approved by the Department for Energy Efficiency and shall be submitted to this department by 30 September of the year in which they were drawn up.
  • Appoint an Energy Manager, certified by the Department for Energy Efficiency, according to the legislation in force or to conclude an energy management contract with an authorized company.


3. Economic operators who consume less than 1,000 toe per year of energy, excluding SMEs, are required to complete and transmit to the Energy Efficiency Department by 30 April of each year the consumption declaration, the total annual energy, and to draw up an energy audit every four years.

Only after an energy audit will result in programmed energy efficiency measures, including repairs and modernization or refurbishment actions, namely:

  • Short-term, cost-free or low-cost measures that do not involve major investments
  • Medium-term measures, 2 to 3 years, targeting an investment program
  • Long-term measures of 3 to 6 years, targeting an investment program, considering that until September 30 of each year must be sent to ANRE

B. Services regulated by the Energetic Manager

The activity of Energy Managers for Industry aims to reduce the energy intensity and the value of the energy invoice of the beneficiaries through the following actions:

  • The realization of energy balances and the elaboration of the ANRE total energy consumption declaration, as well as the ANRE questionnaire for energy analysis
  • Centralization and processing of information from the metering and monitoring system
  • Drawing up the specifications for the energy audit and receiving the energy audit work
  • Propose, implement and monitor the progress of the energy efficiency program
  • Provide advice on how to enforce existing legislation and regulations on energy efficiency and perform energy analyzes necessary for the beneficiary's activity
  • Representing the beneficiary in relation to ANRE regarding the issues related to energy efficiency

In conclusion:

  • Energy efficiency offers the opportunity to reduce energy losses as well as to optimize consumption, which translates into increasing the beneficiary's profitability under the same conditions of the activity.
  • Any economic agent who is not an SME has the obligation to submit ANRE's Annual Statement of Consumption for the previous year to ANRE until 30 April and to conduct an energy audit every four years according to Law 160/2016. Failure to comply with the deadline for submitting the Declaration of Consumption may result in the application of consistently large penalties (fines).
  • Any economic agent, which is an SME, has the annual obligation to submit the ANRE Consumer Declaration for the previous year. The energy audit results in a set of energy efficiency measures, measures that are pursued, reported to ANRE by 30 September, and implemented by the Energy Manager.
  • EnergyPal is licensed as an Energy Manager in Industry, Transportation, and Services. Thus, EnergyPal can help companies meet the requirements described above, but also benefit from the effective implementation of energy audit measures.