Upgrading for energy efficiency without initial costs

Upgrading for energy efficiency without initial costs

Initial costs are a major barrier to implementing energy efficiency projects in many areas of activity. An important objective of efficiency policies and programs is to help minimize the initial cost of these projects.

A financing model is the energy service performance (ESPC) type offered by the ESCO (energy service company). Funding aims to increase energy performance through upgrades or upgrades of systems and equipment and is addressed to the private sector of commercial buildings, but also to production and logistics companies as well as to other energy intensive areas.

Under an ESPC agreement, an external ESCO organization implements a project to improve energy efficiency and uses the revenue stream from cost savings to reimburse the project costs, including investment costs. This model guarantees savings for a certain amount of time in exchange for subsequent payment of energy cost savings.

ESCO will evaluate the opportunity for energy efficiency, acquire the necessary equipment to improve performance and install the equipment to the customer. The equipment investment is made by ESCO companies and is gradually recovering during the project.


Some of the refurbishment solutions that increase the energy efficiency of building installations are:

• Replacement of classic pumping groups with variable speed pumps
• Replacement of air conditioning equipment (cooling units, air treatment plant, etc.)
• Introduction of Building Management System (BMS)
• Introducing intelligent metering systems

The steps of a re-engineering project to increase energy efficiency are as follows: audit, smart metering, monitoring, feasibility study, financing, integrated solution implementation, energy savings, monitoring, maintenance and reporting.

Energy efficiency offers the opportunity to reduce energy losses as well as to optimize consumption, which translates into an increase in the beneficiary's profitability under the same operating conditions. EnergyPal, a brand of TimePal Romania, an ESCO company, offers flexibility in choosing the solution that suits the project, experience, expertise, and investment needed to achieve the expected energy.