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At the biggest summer festivals, the brands were the stars on the digital scene of the activations implemented by the Experiential by Syscom Digital division

Those who attend concerts are more likely to buy products from brands that are…

How do we orchestrate automation technologies and human resources to support digital transformation?

Automation technologies are in fact an engine for digital transformation increasing

Sponsorships, again on the agenda of fiscal changes

The sponsorship activity is for companies besides the contribution for a good cause, and…

BenefitOnline: Romanian employees bought in the first half of 2019 benefits of over 110 million lei, as much as throughout 2018

The Romanian market for extra-wage benefits follows a year-by-year upward trend

Supplementary working hours treatment - a sensitive topic, with multiple implications

From the point of view of the legal provisions, strictly observing the rights provided…

Cristina Chiriac (CONAF): In Romania, the biggest problem for entrepreneurs is the deficit of the labor force

The crisis of the labor force is the effect of "trying to carve but…

Claudia Sofianu (EY Romania): Innovation in IT must be supported including by fiscal facilities

There are countries that introduced extremely attractive fiscal measures in 2019, granting generous tax…

Deloitte Opinion: Directive on taxation of energy products and electricity, under the magnification of the European Commission

After more than 15 years since the implementation of the Directive, the existing tax…

Global renewable energy trends. Solar and wind move from mainstream to preferred

Renewable energy is rapidly becoming a preferred “mainstream” energy source

How to promote your company abroad

Every year, the world of B2B is taking on more and more of a…

Instant Factoring Study: Over 70% of the total volume of activity of micro-enterprises in Romania is made by companies with a turnover of up to 250,000 euros

Although the total turnover of micro-enterprises is slightly decreasing, the evolution remains positive in…

Deloitte Opinion: The new IFRS 16 financial reporting standard regarding leasing contracts

This standard brings with it both accounting challenges, especially fiscal ones