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The patrimony and the incomes of the natural persons in the sight of ANAF. Pay attention to the procedure and don't forget the amnesty, in force until June 30, 2022

Authors: Alex Slujitoru, Director, Bancila Diaconu and Associates and Stela Andrei, Associate Partner, Income…

EY Study: C-suite steps up technology investment drive

Business leaders are preparing to enter a new era where their organizations’ operations, decision-making…

EY Romania sector analysis: Investors' expected returns registered an accelerated growth trend in the first part of 2022

The current context is characterized by uncertainty, the evolution of the conflict between Russia…

EY Romania study: The erosion of the purchasing power of Romanians was seen in the shopping for the Easter holidays

Quality and price - decisive in making a purchase

EY study: Major change in the labor market - 43% of employees willing to give up their current job for a higher salary, better conditions and flexibility

Employees are determined to make a move, mainly out of a desire to get…


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Romania then, now and beyond


Trust in the Economic Environment Is Crucial for the Future Evolution of Businesses

Businesses in the EU will soon have to adjust to a new trading reality,…

Romania's growth needs solid grounds and sustainable policies

Increasing competitiveness through innovation and R&D, brand enhancement and digitalization need to be on…

Showcasing entrepreneurial success

Entrepreneurs provide one of the main engines of growth in any healthy economy

As 2013 was a better year than 2012, 2014 will follow this trend

Companies are more and more focused on coping with the challenging business environment in…


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EY celebrates 30 years in Romania and highlights the theme of progress

The number of new companies registered annually has increased almost 14 times in three…

Exemptions from customs duties and VAT for the relocation of factories from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus to Romania

Author: Mihai Petre, Director, Customs Consulting, EY Romania

How has the state reduced the price of housing?

Author: Costin Manta, Associate Partner, Indirect Taxes, EY Romania

Important message for companies: even if it is not needed, evaluate the assets now! Otherwise, you will pay higher taxes next year

Author: Alex Milcev, Fiscal and Legal Assistance Leader, EY Romania

Profit tax 2022, three benefits for companies

Author: Razvan Ungureanu, Director, Fiscal Assistant, EY Romania