Evolutions on the cloud market in Romania

At a European, and even global level, Cloud services are no longer a novelty. In Romania, the process of implementing them has faced difficulties because of the lack of legal support for risk management until recently, but it is clear that things are evolving and Cloud services will become a required standard.

More and more companies choose Cloud services, which will soon be applied at subsidiary level, regardless of the country. Claudiu Cadar, manager & owner of CLAUS WEB, offers us more information about the evolutions on the Romanian cloud market.


1. How would you characterize the cloud market in Romania?
Cloud Computing is a mix of computing services, applications, access to information and data storage, which offers the user an IT infrastructure in a data centre. With so many IT specialists in Romania, I expect this system to register a rapid growth in the business environment and I think we can forecast an average annual growth of up to 20% in the following years.

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