Yango brings new features to the Romanian e-hailing market

Yango brings new features to the Romanian e-hailing market

With its launch in Bucharest, Yango's e-hailing digital application introduces a number of new, unique features on the Romanian market

According to company representatives, Yango's main competitive advantage is technological expertise. In addition to the usual e-hailing options such as ordering a multi-destination drive, displaying the exact price of the ride when the user enters the destination or route sharing with friends so that they can track the ride in real time, Yango has a number of new features for the first time for a service of this type in Romania.

1. Order multiple rides at the same time on the same phone
With Yango, users have the ability to order up to three cars at the same time on a single mobile device. The function is extremely useful, for example, for a group of friends or for many family members.

To order more than one ride on the same phone, the user must choose the "Order a car again" option, which is activated on the phone screen when the application starts searching for the first car, and then there will be small windows with status information of the ride, arrival time of the cars and other details about each ride.

2. Booking a ride for another person

Those who have tried this in the past know that the procedure is not limited to introducing two addresses in the application. In practice, the whole process is more difficult: the person to be picked up should be called, the ordered car data, the time of arrival, the price of the ride and other necessary details should be communicated.

With Yango, users have the ability to order a car to another person, such as a parent or a friend, in the simplest and most comfortable way. The "Ride for another person" option can be accessed from the "Preferences" menu available on the command screen or by pressing the "Other person" button directly if another pickup address is selected than the current location.
The user is invited to select the contact from the phonebook or enter the phone number manually. All details will be transmitted directly to the passenger via SMS.

3. Automatic translation of the conversation with the driver in chat

Users have chat or chat options with the driver. A useful feature, especially for expats or tourists, is real-time chat conversation, automatically activated if language settings of user and driver's mobile devices are not the same. This option is available for about 100 languages.

4. Sharing the location in real-time with the driver

All popular apps need access to certain phone features to ensure their optimal functionality and user experience. For example, you need access to GPS to find the right place to board - the exact place where you should send a car to the user. But in the Yango case this is not mandatory. If access is refused to the location data, you can manually enter the address of the boarding point where a car is to be ordered.

The same is true for other permissions: if you do not want to grant a specific permission (or even no permission), you can simply refuse access. The application will continue to work and will be able to place orders on a regular basis. If the user wants to enable Yango access permission to geolocation and benefit from more boarding accuracy, the slider "Allow the driver to see where you are" will appear on the screen as soon as you order a ride.

Typically, the driver focuses on reaching the address entered in the application or the point set by the user for pickup. But if the passenger is in a crowded area, like a market near an airport, or simply had to move from the starting point of the order, the driver will need some clarification. That's why Yango offers users the ability to share their exact location with the driver in real time.

Once in the car, the function will automatically shut down and the application will no longer display the user's geolocation to the driver. The function will only become active again when ordering a new ride and can be disabled at any time by dragging the button.

"Technological innovation is the one that differentiates us from competitors, and the features that Yango brings to the e-hailing market in Romania for the first time only facilitate our mission to offer the experience of a quality car journey at an affordable price. From our feedback so far, we note that these unique application options have been discovered and well received by our users and, in this sense, we plan to implement new features soon, "said Andrei Voicu, Regional Manager Yango for Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

According to the company, one of the features that will be available soon to users in Bucharest is that of alternative boarding points, an option that helps reduce the cost of the race. They can appear on the map in the neighborhood of the user's location and are points where the driver can get faster. For example, the driver will no longer have to travel on a crowded street where there is a risk of traffic jamming, while in many cases it is enough for the user to just cross a street or travel a very short distance, based on suggestions of the application.

Tango's official photos in Bucharest and screenshots of Yango's unique Yango features are available for download here: http://bit.ly/2xATPJY