UP! Your Service: Eight out of ten Romanian employees think their job is valuable

UP! Your Service: Eight out of ten Romanian employees think their job is valuable

Although companies are becoming more and more technological and increasingly resorting to robots that replace people's work, eight out of ten Romanian employees think their job is worthwhile for clients, according to a survey conducted by UP! Your Service , the global leader in building a superior service culture.

Only 13.4% of respondents said that they do not know how much their work produces value, while 5.5% said that this was happening to a small extent and below 2% responded negatively.

At the same time, almost 85% of respondents appreciate the products and services of the company they work for, saying they would recommend it to their relatives. On the other hand, companies will invest predominantly in artificial intelligence in the coming years.

In the customer service area, 83% of customer interactions will be achieved by chatbots or virtual assistants by 2020, according to a survey conducted globally, which included Romania.

Although automation brings complex changes in all areas of activity and companies are increasingly relying on technology, human interaction remains a key component in this process, says Ron Kaufman, founder and president of Up! Your Service.

"To serve is to do something to create value for someone else. It is the basic definition from which we start when we want to build a service-oriented culture. In the transition period, when a company aims to transform interaction with customers from a human interaction into a technologically automated one, when something goes wrong with the customer, it becomes mandatory for a person, a representative of the company to intervene, to solve the situation and provide the client with the solution he needs. Technology is in this case only a support, and people are the ones who have to be with the client in their problem, "said Ron Kaufman.

"Last but not least, there are certain aspects that can not be digitized or automated and thus become the most valuable. It's about features such as creativity, imagination, emotion, ethics, empathy, compassion, curiosity, intuition or passion that only people can value in interacting with clients, "said Up! Your Service's founder.

Ron Kaufman will come to Romania this year to talk about the future of excellence in services in the context of digitization and technology, as well as on labor-related aspects. The "Future of Service Excellence" event will take place on June 6 in Bucharest.

The founder of Up! Your Service is one of the most sought-after educators, consultants, leaders and service speakers, especially on excellence in services.
Author of 15 business and service books, of which the best known is "Superior Service Culture," Ron Kaufman has been helping, over three decades, companies from all continents to build a culture of superior service with real, sustainable results of the year.