The future of mobile networks presented by Ericsson in Romania

The future of mobile networks presented by Ericsson in Romania

At the "Unboxed Barcelona" event in Bucharest, the latest 5G and IoT innovations, unveiled for the first time at Mobile World Congress 2019.

Ericsson celebrated the 25th anniversary of operations in Romania by hosting the "Unboxed" technology event. During the three-day event, Ericsson introduced the new innovative technologies launched at the Mobile World Congress 2019 - from the 5G platform to the concept of "radio access network products" called Radio Stripes and new AI-based solutions and learning machines, ready to be introduced today in networks.

"Ericsson has been a key component of the 25-year telecommunication ecosystem in Romania, providing voice and data services to millions of customers across the country. We are the first to market solutions that enable today's networks to evolve seamlessly to the latest generation. 4G is the foundation of 5G, and Ericsson is ready to help operators in Romania go smoothly from 4G to 5G, "says Dragos Mircea Rebegea, Country Manager and Head of Sales Ericsson Romania.

The new Ericsson 5G platform features a complete technology portfolio designed to meet the promise of 5G. With the Ericsson 5G platform, service providers can develop their 4G to 5G network in a smart, dynamic way, build performance with precision, maximize automation across operations, and use AI to cope with complexity and monetize both development and existing use cases, as well as to develop new mobile broadband, fixed wireless access and IoT.

According to the latest ConsumerLab report, 5G Consumer Potential, smartphone users say they are willing to pay 20% more for fifth generation services and half of those adopting this early technology are willing to pay 32% more.

However, four out of ten major consumers are expecting new usage cases and new payment models, as well as a secure 5G network, in addition to an increased Internet speed constantly.

Ericsson has also introduced the new Ericsson Operations Engine, which uses AI and  automation to dynamically allocate resources, ensuring consistent quality throughout the network.

In addition, it uses a data-based approach to provide coverage, performance and reliability to customers, relying more on service KPIs than on KPIs so that service providers can analyze, understand and better optimize your network to give your customers a superior experience.

Ericsson is exploring the future with a base concept to create truly ubiquitous connectivity. Ericsson Radio stripe is a visionary design of the mobile network that is super-distributed and has the potential to deliver robust, high-quality radio performance while allowing easy and flexible mobile network deployment.

More about the technologies presented at Barcelona Unboxed

Ericsson Radio Stripes – hardware 5G

Ericsson Radio System offers telecommunication service providers a complete platform to build the best-performing RAN with optimal modularity to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership.

Ericsson Radio System is ready for 5G since 2015 and allows fast and efficient cost migration from 4G to 5G, giving operators the opportunity to launch new technology and to quickly increase 5G coverage. Can also be used for 5G NR with remote software installation. That means Ericsson has already delivered more than 3 million radios ready to cover 5G customers around the world.

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing is a key network feature that will allow the introduction of fluid 5G on existing 4G frequencies into a network of service providers, ensuring the best possible use of the installed spectrum and base. With a simple software installation, operators will be able to activate 5G on their Ericsson Radio System infrastructure (RAN Compute radios and equipment) that we started delivering in 2015.

This presentation will show how simple it is to switch from one-way configurations to multi-mode configurations, while covering Ericsson's spectrum sharing.

The Future of Mixed Reality

This presentation provides a "live" view of the augmented reality of the digital geek of a real city, including weather, transport, etc. animated.
The miniature city highlights several future buildings in the current city, and in some locations you can zoom in on the street for a 360 ° real estate experience in the real city.

This will be possible through a large-scale, ultra-realistic mixed realism, made by a 5G emerging multi-industrial ecosystem, edge computing, autonomous vehicles, advanced visual technology (AI), and mobile devices.