Rent an event this winter!

Rent an event this winter!

An amazing event tells the best team stories!

Together we can create the perfect setup for your event! At the end of a year of persevering work in the team, you definitely deserve a super Christmas party!

This winter, we meet the entrepreneurs and all the companies interested in renting a space for the final year party.

We provide you with the perfect location for successful events. The eclectic design, the open bar, the 'cosy-cool' terrace and our dedicated team make our restaurant a unique venue in Bucharest.

The types of events we organize can be corporate, product launches, anniversaries and personal events, wine tasting, workshops and exhibitions, workshops, courses and demonstrations, media events, spot filming and advertising.

We have the necessary technical facilities for any type of event and we provide you with more food & beverage options: Our offer starts at 99 RON / person. #curcubeupecerulgurii

Find out more and book your date on time at no. by phone 0721470073 or by e-mail monica.andronescu@pescariusports.ro.