Intracom Telecom and Intellect Design Arena turn digital banking systems into Armenia

Intracom Telecom and Intellect Design Arena turn digital banking systems into Armenia

Intralcom Telecom, a global provider of telecommunications and IT solutions and solutions, together with Intellect Design Arena, the world leader in banking, insurance and other financial services technologies, today announced the introduction of Intrallect Banking Solutions, an innovative cloud-based solution.

On 8 November 2018, the partner companies organized an event dedicated to the transformation of digital banking systems in the Armenian banking sector in Yerevan, Armenia.

During the event, top management of Intellect Design and Intracom Telecom have analyzed in front of the participating banks the future challenges facing the banking sector, presenting a number of differentiating factors that allow financial organizations and institutions to benefit from this innovative, joint solution

In particular, with Intrallect Banking Solution, banks can optimize TCO, digitize operations, differentiate the market by launching innovative products, and offer unrivaled customer experience, all through a digital model specifically designed for the Armenian regulatory framework and modalities local work in Armenia.

Intrallect, a Digital Core Banking-on-the-Cloud integrated end-to-end solution is a truly digital solution because it delivers a powerful differentiator, Digital 360 approach. Digital Outside ensures a superior customer experience and Digital Inside leads a significant operational efficiency.

Moreover, Intellect Design, together with Intracom Armenia, a member of the Intracom Telecom Group, has been implementing a core banking transformation project with the Central Bank of Armenia.

Mr. Georgios Blekas, CEO of Intracom Armenia, said: "I would like to thank all the top management of the participating banks for giving us time to explore our cloud-based banking solution.I am confident that the Armenian banks can benefit from this customer-centric solution and can easily and successfully transform smart-led smart banks with the technology and expertise of two international players in Intrallect Banking Solutions."

Mr. Banesh Prabhu, Director of Strategy at Intellect Design, noted: "The introduction of Intrallect Banking solutions in Armenia was extremely well received by the banking community. The initial feedback from the majority of the executives we talked to is interesting, we are thrilled that our proposal comes at the right time and we will soon see some banks that migrate to digital cloud banking systems."