Microsoft Business Summit 2018 defines expectations for a digitized future

Microsoft Business Summit 2018 defines expectations for a digitized future

The sixth edition of the Microsoft Business Summit has today gathered on the stage of the Bucharest National Theater 30 of the most representative national and international voices on technology trends, disruptive business models and innovation.

In front of an audience of over 800 business representatives, the speakers highlighted topical themes for the digital challenges of the modern world. The event was attended by personalities such as former European Commissioner for Enlargement Günter Verheugen and business specialists such as Mark Everest (IS Development Manager, Renault Sport Racing).

The debates in the first part of the plenary session were opened by Violeta Luca, General Manager of Microsoft Romania: "What many years ago was only science-fiction, has now become a factual reality. Technology is the force behind this transformation, and people are agents of change. The accelerated innovation that characterizes the present raises a nuanced question: are we the ones who control the technology or let us control it? I think at least at an economic level the decision is with us, and the measure of the success of the integration of the technology in business is due to the growth that the businesses have in the country, but also the success beyond the borders. "

Violeta Luca's speech was followed by a series of presentations that highlighted the implications that technological development has at the social, political and economic level.

Günter Verheugen, the former European Commissioner for Enlargement, commented on the impact of digitization on the social climate, while also highlighting insufficiently exploited areas that play a major role in Romania's economic development

Among these are the entrepreneurial sector: according to the former Commissioner, a flexible administration and access to financial and educational resources are needed to increase start-ups and Romanian SMEs.

Ed Vaizey, former British Minister of Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, continued Verheugen's observations, identifying seven key pillars for a potential strategy for the development of Romanian entrepreneurship: legislative and digital infrastructure, planning, digital competences, cyber security, and involvement of political actors. Nicklas Bergman's expert, European Innovation Advisor and technology consultant, has completed the image.

Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly, is the one who has transferred public attention from general to private through the history of his own entrepreneurial journey. Farinetti has shared with the public the success story of the family business developed in record time in a global chain of concept stores. The plenary sessions ended with Gunter Ollmann, CTO Security Cloud & AI, Microsoft, on cyber security.

Microsoft Business Summit 2018 continued with three sessions, which were held in parallel. Several hundred participants attended presentations and demonstrations on topical issues, such as resource efficiency through Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, technology as educational paradigm or computer capital.

Representatives of partner companies such as Orange, Alef, Veeam, Dendrio, Veritas, Comparex, HPE or Asseco, companies for whom digital evolution is crucial to the smooth running of their organizations contributed to completing the event by perceiving their business and solutions to the digital future.