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Violeta Luca - Microsoft Romania @ LEADERS INSIGHTS Interviews

''Transformarea digitala este mai mult decat o ocazie pentru companii de a se reinventa…

Daniel Rusen - Microsoft Romania @ LEADERS INSIGHTS Interviews

Vedem ca milioane de oameni se adapteaza lucrului si invatamantului de acasa. Lucrul de…


Microsoft Teams Sessions - Teams for Advanced - Meetings Calling

The Microsoft Teams Sessions - a program designed for developing your knowledge in terms…

Microsoft Teams Sessions - Teams for Experts - Apps and workflow (integration with 3rd party apps)

The Microsoft Teams Sessions - a program designed for developing your knowledge in terms…

Microsoft Teams Sessions - Teams for Beginners - Chat & Collaboration

The Microsoft Teams Sessions - a program designed for developing your knowledge in terms…

Overview The Microsoft Teams Sessions

The Microsoft Teams Sessions - a program designed for developing your knowledge in terms…


Meaningful innovation can unlock the potential of a digital economy

Interview with Daniel Rusen, Director of Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Romania

The new normal comes with new opportunities

Development of new skills and accelerated learning - key elements for identifying opportunities…

Response,  Recovery, Reinvention

The 3Rs of the post-lockdown period, in which technology and digitization must be seen…

Digital Innovation Leads to a Healthy and Growing Economy

One part of the current economic equation is that the biggest change for companies - the…


Microsoft is looking for over 350 IT specialists for Microsoft Development Center teams

Adina Vidroiu, Microsoft: "The expansion of the activity of our development center reflects…

The dynamic landscape of cyber threats, a challenge for more and more SMEs

According to Microsoft analysis, many of these companies do not have access to the necessary…

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability - a new solution for accelerating progress in sustainability and business development, available from June 1

The Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solution will provide the data and data management…

The Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program also extends to entrepreneurs or start-ups

Once admitted, entrepreneurs - and implicitly startups - will have access to all the resources…

Microsoft Envision Romania: digitization, a road with priority for the entire economy and society

Romania is a future regional and even global digitization center, which needs only one…


Surface Laptop Go 2, available in Romania from June 7

Faster than the previous generation, the new Microsoft device is designed for those who…

Microsoft Build 2022: New technologies for an integrated platform that will innovate the future

Microsoft experts around the world shared their experience and knowledge in a 48-hour…

Public-private digital education campaign STOP MALWARE - Your online safety depends on you

The prevention messages from the "STOP MALWARE - Your online safety depends on you" campaign…

Microsoft is introducing a new line of services - Microsoft Security Experts, which provides integrated security solutions for organizations

Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management

Cele mai noi tehnologii, instrumente si aplicatii de inteligenta artificiala si management de date, analizate la Microsoft Tech Day 2021

Through the cloud technologies it develops, Microsoft supports the work of its customers…


Electronics - Information Technology - Telecommunication. Sole distributor in Romania for Microsoft Corporation U.S.A. Consulting in the field of computing equipment and software.

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Fiscal Identification Code: 8915831
Registry of Commerce Number: J40/9121/1996
NACE CODE: (6202) Computer consultancy activities


  • Address: Bd. Iuliu Maniu Nr. 6p, SECTOR 6, BUCURESTI

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PROFIT LOSS : 27,440,243 (RON)
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