Immergas hybrid systems: the innovative heating solution with low energy consumption and up to 50% lower CO2 emissions

Immergas hybrid systems: the innovative heating solution with low energy consumption and up to 50% lower CO2 emissions

The hybrid systems provide security of energy supply, while having a minimal impact on the environment

The thermal power plants manufacturer Immergas launches a new series of hybrid systems on the local market, dedicated to the residential and commercial sector. Hybrid systems are the most advanced technological solution on the market for heating, cooling and preparation of hot water for consumption based on renewable energy sources, with low consumption of natural gas. Thus, hybrid systems provide security of energy supply, while having a minimal impact on the environment. In addition, due to their characteristics, hybrid systems are an ideal solution for the nZEB standard (buildings with almost zero energy consumption) regarding new constructions, which has become mandatory this year throughout the European Union, including Romania.

This year, Immergas launched the new series of hybrid systems MAGIS Combo 12 V2, 14 V2 and 16 V2 - which include air-to-water heat pumps with powers of 12 kW, 14 kW and 16 kW, respectively, in single-phase and three-phase variants. The included condensing boiler has a power of 32 kW in both heating and hot water (ACC).

A hybrid system integrates the heat pump with a natural gas condensing boiler, the two operating in tandem. For this reason, the hybrid system can produce heat and hot water for consumption at negative outdoor temperatures below, when the heat pump can no longer operate (eg -20 degrees Celsius). With hybrid systems, the condensing boiler operating together with the heat pump can save up to 40% energy.

For even higher energy efficiency, the hybrid system can be connected to solar thermal panels (for hot water production) or photovoltaic (for electricity production). In the presence of a photovoltaic system, the heat pump of the hybrid system can use solar energy, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the system, which allows maximum savings in energy bills. If the heat pump and condensing boiler are supplied only with electricity from photovoltaic panels (which are not part of the hybrid system), they meet the specifications of nZEB.

Due to innovation, at the heart of these hybrid systems there is an intelligent control unit that chooses the most cost-effective energy source, while ensuring maximum comfort in all weather conditions. Therefore, the operation process has been automated so that, if the cost of natural gas and electricity has been entered in the system's memory, the hybrid system will choose the fuel that costs less, depending on the outside temperature.

MAGIS Combo V2 hybrid systems are adapted to current digital developments, allowing consumers to operate comfortably and safely from a distance, with the help of the Dominus application, suitable for smartphone and tablet.

The installation of a hybrid heating system will improve the energy class of the property, which can lead to an increase of square meter value of the real estate and a rapid amortization of the initial investment in the energy equipment. Immergas hybrid solutions are suitable for single-family homes, residential complexes, apartment blocks, commercial buildings and office buildings.

The new technologies will complete the current portfolio of hybrid systems: MAGIS Combo 4 V2, 6 V2 and 9 V2, which include heat pumps with powers of 4 kW, 6 kW, respectively 9 kW (single-phase), as well as a condensing boiler with power of 24 kW in heating mode and 27.3 kW in ACC mode. The MAGIS Combo v2 hybrid system with powers between 4 and 6 kW can also be used for apartment buildings.

Immergas innovation has its say in the sustainable footprint of hybrid systems. The amount of CO2 emissions is reduced by up to 50% by using a hybrid system compared to using a traditional plant. The result is confirmed by a study conducted by the Department of Energy, Systems, Land Engineering and Construction (DESTEC) of the University of Pisa, on the emissions of a plant with 20 years of life.

At the same time, Immergas condensing power plants fall into class 6 NOx emissions (according to SR ENI Standards 297 and 483), being the class with the lowest NOx emissions in flue gases (maximum 62 mg / kWh).

About Immergas

Immerfin Group is the company that owns all the production centers and the Immergas sales network. President Romano Amada is one of the three founding members. Immergas exports to 50 countries around the world through 12 sales branches in Europe and 2 in Asia. 130 models of appliances are designed and manufactured in Italy, products for non-European markets are manufactured in Poprad (Slovakia), Qazvin (Iran) and Changzhou (China).

13 production lines, over 600 employees, warehouses, offices, training and research centers for approximately 60 thousand square meters of covered areas. The Immergas Design and Production Center is located at the headquarters in Brescello di Reggio Emilia, a few meters away from the birthplace of its first workshop. Most of the 7 million installed boilers have been manufactured here, products that make Immergas one of the most important companies in the heating sector in Italy, Europe and around the world.