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Fuel cells are on the road to commercialization in Europe also for stationary applications

Major market potential, significant environmental benefits

Automotive industry in Romania

Following global trends of moving automotive production to emerging markets, automakers consider Romania a…

Competition intensifies within Romania’s road fuels market

Competition is expected to further intensify in a slowly increasing market, generating additional pressure…

With the green (energy) fading, we’re back to black

A reality check of the recent changes in Romanian energy market shows that the…

Wind Energy and other renewable energy sources in Romania

The wind energy sector situation worldwide


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Lean on a “lean philosophy”

As our company is producing automotive components for almost all car manufacturers in the…

Openness towards innovation should be cultivated

Michelin is a leading tire company, dedicated to sustainably improving the mobility of goods…


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Konica Minolta marks 4 years since the start of the carbon reduction process, offsetting over 16 million kilograms   of CO2 so far

Combating climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing global society today. In…

Breakthrough: new Bosch diesel technology provides solution to NOx problem

Bosch CEO Denner also calls for transparency on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

ALD Automotive launches ALD Electric, the first product of operational leasing for electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles from Romania

ALD Automotive, a top company of operational leasing, launches ALD Electric the first product…