GfK measures the power of laughter

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), a division of Viacom Inc., has released findings from its latest “Power of Laughter” research - a multi-country two-phase study, the second phase of which was delivered by global research agency, GfK.

The study covered 12 countries in total, with the first phase exploring the impact of laughter on people’s well-being, while the second phase investigated how much more engaged audiences are when they are watching funny or humorous content. The second phase was delivered using GfK EMO Scan, GfK’s award-winning facial scanning technology that decodes peoples’ emotional response to visual stimuli by tracking their subtle facial movements.


Watch the video of key findings on VIMN's video site.


Christian Kurz, Vice President of Research, Insights & Reporting for VIMN, says,“We chose GfK for their ability to deliver a multi-layered, multi-country study with ease, together with their powerful GfK EMO Scan approach. We could not be happier with the results, which have confirmed that laughter truly is life’s best medicine for the mind, body and soul, and that watching funny or humorous content boosts levels of engagement in a positive way.”


Julia Lamaison, Media Research and Insight Director at GfK, comments, “GfK EMO Scan uses powerful algorithms to detect and analyse emotion in real-time. The system captures spontaneous responses from consumers in their own homes, using consumers’ webcams (with their permission) to track their facial movement as they watch TV programs and advertising. This allows us to deliver a high degree of sensitivity in our measure of emotional response.”


Read the summary of key findings.


View a demonstration of GfK EMO Scan or contact Julia Lamaison for further details on how this technology can be applied to programme testing.