Gault & Millau announces the ranking of the best Romanian wines for 2019

Gault & Millau announces the ranking of the best Romanian wines for 2019

Gault & Millau launched the first edition of the Romanian Wine Guide and brings Romania's international expertise in the field.

The Gault & Millau Romanian Wine Guide 2019 includes 152 wines from 63 wine cellars.

The highest score of a Romanian wine in the Gault & Millau ranking is 94 points out of 100 for the 2016.

Smerenie at the Oprisor wine cellar, which also received the Best Red Wine Award.
22 Romanian wines obtained a score of +90 points, including red, white, rosé and sweet wines, made from international and local varieties. This performance demonstrates the diversity and complexity of the market, the quality of local wine and its competitiveness.

"Romanian wine has a potential in which we believe and that is why we launched the Gault & Millau wine guide locally. Our principles are clear and clear, developed over 30 years of Gault & Millau experience in this field: independent expertise, neutrality to the commercial interests of the market, constructive approach, chances in the evaluation process for all manufacturers, regardless of their size. The next step after launch is to promote the Romanian wines selected in the guide and their producers both in Romania and internationally, " said Raluca Hritcu and Stefan Mortici, co-CEO of Gault & Millau Romania.

The 2091 Gault & Millau Romania wines were evaluated by a team of 3 international experts who hold the highest possible certifications in the oenological field: Ana Sapungiu (Master of Wine), Caroline Gilby (Master of Wine) and Isa Bal (Master Sommelier ).

The three evaluators contributed with complementary perspectives, resulting from industry-respected career paths, but also with an in-depth knowledge of the local market, which allowed them to position themselves in the international context of local wines.

The most important conclusion of this first edition of the guide is that local varieties represent Romania's chance at an important place on the global wine market, whether it is Feteasca Neagra or Alba, Negru de Dragasani, or some lesser known as Zghihara by Husi.

In the near future, the Gault & Millau guide to Romanian wines will be launched in Paris on December 8th and will be presented at Bordeaux in February 2019 at the Cité du Vin, one of the world's most important wine fairs, both projects being held at Saison France -Roumanie.

The guide will be promoted throughout the Gault & Millau network, both in Europe and in the extra-European space (Australia, Canada, Japan) through events, articles about selected wines and interviews with Romanian producers.

With the launch of the Romanian wine guide Gault & Millau, Romania joins an impressive tradition, whether it is France (1984 - the first Gault & Millau wine guide, 2013 - the first Gault & Millau champagne guide), Germany (which in 2018 celebrated 25 annual editions of the Gault & Millau wine guide) or Austria.

In 2019 Gault & Millau will launch the wine guide in two of the most dynamic countries in the global wine market: Australia and Georgia.

The Gault & Millau guide of Romanian wines can be purchased from the classic distribution network of the press and from the bookstore chains at the price of 49 RON.