eJobs launches Paylab.ro, the first real-time payroll comparator in Romania

eJobs launches Paylab.ro, the first real-time payroll comparator in Romania

eJobs, the largest online recruitment platform on the local market, launched Paylab.ro, the first payroll comparator in Romania.

At international level, Paylab has been operating since 2007 and is currently active in 17 countries across Europe, but also in Africa (Kenya, Nigeria and Ivory Coast). In our country it owns the largest salary database, with almost 150,000 salaries introduced so far.

"Wages have always been one of the hottest topics for both employees and employers. The more hot as it targets one of the biggest organizational taboos - how much we earn compared to our colleagues or other industry specialists. Moreover, many candidates face a real dilemma when they come to a job interview, because they do not know what the salary is "right" for a certain position and they need a tool to show them what is market dynamics. And Paylab is doing just that - he gets the real salary of the user and a number of relevant indicators for an up-to-date calculation and offers real income positioning to other similarly trained and experienced specialists from the same industry and the same county.
With the introduction of Paylab in Romania, we are taking the first step towards a much-anticipated transparency of company wage policies, "explains Bogdan Badea, eJobs Romania CEO.

In practice, it is the only tool for users to find out if their salary is in the market average, what is the fluctuation from this average, how they can negotiate wages and how the salary market for the position and the field in general which activates.

Comparative data is also available for countries in the region, so those who complete the questionnaire can figure out how much they could earn if they work in another country.

The criteria used to compile comparative statistics are: monthly net salary, job, industry, level of experience of the candidate, studies, age, sex, city of residence, non-financial benefits package, size of the company or type of shareholder.

The comparator works on the basis of user input data and they are up to 12 months old. Once this term has been exceeded, all data is automatically deleted and the system uses those entered less than a year ago.

"In this way, salary calculations will always have an actual character and will accurately reflect the movements in each field of activity. It is also very important that all inputs are confidential, " added Bogdan Badea.

Paylab.ro offers information for almost 800 positions and positions, from all private sectors, as well as from state institutions.

The platform also includes articles and recommendations on topics such as salary negotiation, salary statistics, information on the best paid skills of candidates, or how to find out what salary you can ask before going to a job interview. Paylab can be accessed from www.paylab.ro or from the mobile app available on Google Play and the App Store.