DENT ESTET: 20 years of leadership and innovation in dental medicine

DENT ESTET: 20 years of leadership and innovation in dental medicine

Today, April 24, the DENT ESTET Clinic group celebrates 20 years of activity. During this time, the company became the absolute market leader in dental medicine in Romania, the largest operator in terms of turnover, number of units, but also of the team.

The mission of DENT ESTET remains to facilitate the access of Romanian patients to most of the existing innovations in the field and to practice dentistry without compromise, constantly investing in future technologies, advanced equipment and advanced treatment techniques.

In 2019, DENT ESTET has allocated nearly 500,000 euros for digitization: acquisition of new equipment, such as scanners and intraoral cameras or radiology devices, 3D printers and software, as well as the related design work.

The number of visits to DENT ESTET clinics has steadily increased over time, reaching 2018 at a record number of almost 100,000. The steps in the area of ​​educating patients so that they become aware of the importance of long-term investment in health are successful in their 20 years of activity. Romanian patients give increasing importance to the quality of the medical act in dentistry. From DENT ESTET data, it is observed that in just one year there was an accelerated migration from medium to excellent, generating a premium segment growth of over 40%.

"20 years of activity in a sector of the highly fragmented market, of which more than half of the detached leader position, demonstrates that DENT ESTET practices medicine with responsibility and respect for the quality of services offered to patients. We are very happy to note that, unlike 10 or even 20 years ago, today's patients are much more informed, more concerned about their oral health and, above all, they put much more on the quality of service ", says Dr. Oana Taban, Founder & CEO of Dent Estet Group.

Since its inception, DENT ESTET introduced for the first time in Romania the concept of a multidisciplinary team, consisting of over-specialized and internationally certified doctors in all branches of dental medicine. An important moment for the company's evolution, as well as for the dentistry market in Europe, was in 2008, when DENT ESTET inaugurated DENT ESTET 4 Kids's first exclusive child-care center in Europe. The doctors and nurses work only with children, they are specialized in pediatric dentistry and communication with them. Currently, five clinics in the group are intended exclusively for children and adolescents and have treated over 55,000 patients so far.
Opened at the beginning of 2019, the DENT ESTET 4 Kids Sibiu clinic already reports nearly 800 patients, and the company's representatives expect the evolution to be dynamic, with the two clinics in Sibiu already making an important contribution to the whole business.

"We are very impressed with the warmth that DENT ESTET has received in the Sibiu community, but also with the opening of patients to the new technologies and innovations we offer in our clinics here. We are confident that Sibiu will become a benchmark of good practices and services in the field of dentistry, and our efforts will be directed permanently in this direction ", adds Dr. Oana Taban.

In 2017 DENT ESTET Primaverii, the largest digitalised dental clinic in Romania and the largest Planmeca Digital Academy in the country, was inaugurated.

Presently, the DENT ESTET group counts 10 clinics with a total area of ​​more than 3,500 square meters and a total of 57 dental units. The clinics are in Bucharest (two for children, one for adolescents and four for adults), in Timisoara (a clinic for children) and Sibiu (a clinic for children and one for adults).

DENT ESTET will continue this year's investment in educational programs and overspecialization of physicians, courses and participation in international congresses. Of the nearly 100 physicians who form the medical team, most of them are certified internationally. They pursue a personalized and multidisciplinary treatment approach for each patient.

In addition, at the level of the support departments, Dent Estet pursues a unique organigram on the market, integrating all the specialized departments of an elite company: marketing, finance & accounting, procurement, human resources, administration.

"Investing in people has always been a priority for us and we have always looked at it as a decisive factor in our long-term healthy development.    Many of the more than 320 specialists our team is currently counting for many years, including the first doctors co-opted in our team 20 years ago. Many of the more than 320 specialists our team is currently counting for many years, including the first doctors co-opted in our team 20 years ago. The responsible approach to the relationship with each member of the team, the very well-established systems of integrating physicians and nurses, investment in training and specialization, providing a career plan are actions that we carry out consistently and which helped us to form and develop a team that is distinguished by excellence, "adds Dr. Oana Taban.

The Dent Estet Group includes DENT ESTET Clinic SA, Green Dental Clinic SRL, Dentist 4 Kids and Aspen Laboratories.