Konica Minolta launches new office equipment - bizhub i-Series

Konica Minolta launches new office equipment - bizhub i-Series

Konica Minolta, the world leader in printing equipment production, is launching the new office bizhub i-Series. The new generation of multifunctional systems, compatible with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, is part of the bizhub dedicated portfolio.

The bizhub i-Series brings added value to customers and responds to the productivity and reliability requirements imposed by business environments.

The bizhub i-Series office equipment will be available in both A3 color, C250i, C300i, C360i and color A4 models with the C3300i, C3320i, C3350i, C4000i and C4050i models.

An immediate advantage for customers is the simplification of complex work processes. The new bizhub i-Series models have the tools for an efficient communications network that boosts productivity, improves workflows and provides support for business development.

"Konica Minolta, market leader in the A3 multifunction equipment segment, is constantly developing its product portfolio in line with the latest trends in the industry to meet customer needs. The launch of the new range of equipment is an important direction in our long-term business strategy. The bizhub i-Series is the perfect choice for work environments that require efficiency, reliability and high-end quality, "said Helmut Ignat, Managing Director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Romania.

Minimal design and intuitive interface

The new multifunctional range features a modern and attractive design with a touch screen of up to 10 inches and an intuitive smartphone interface that is easy to customize. The A3 and A4 models work in the same way and have intuitive operation so users can benefit from maximum productivity regardless of the equipment used.

Performance and efficiency, mobile connectivity

The new bizhub i-Series MFPs, featuring a state-of-the-art quad-core quad-core processor with 8GB standard memory and 256GB SSD, deliver fast, high-quality print jobs. Large print speeds on variable environments, high-speed detection feed, multiple-sheet feed, digital paper shift and large capacity trays are new features that combine reliability and versatility in use.

The Dispatcher Suite includes print management and provides optimized workflow. The solution is ideal for customers who want to manage and reduce printing costs, as well as improving document security by implementing digital workflows.  The new bizhub i-Series models can customize and expand new capabilities by accessing additional applications from the Konica Minolta MarketPlace online store.

Managed Services and High Level Security

The bizhub i-Series is equipped with a data storage system for diagnosing possible problems and replacing parts and consumables in time. Thus, downtime is reduced to a minimum. In addition, Konica Minolta has a dedicated platform where users benefit from remote support, backup capabilities, and monitoring and maintenance services. Managing firmware updates can be done in real time or scheduled.

The new bizhub models benefit from a high level of security through bizhub SECURE solutions that protect and offer permanent access to data. Moreover, optional BitDefender antivirus solutions automatically scans all transmitted and received data - in real time - so they remain protected in case of external threats. All bizhub i-Series models respond to data protection requirements in accordance with GDPR and ISO 15408 certified HCD-PP standards.


Konica Minolta's commitment to engaging in both innovation and sustainability projects is reflected in the technology used to manufacture the new bizhub i-Series multifunction printer range. Included in the low-energy products category, the new bizhub i-Series models are EPEAT Gold certified and meet Blue Angel standards. The fastener helps reduce power consumption during operation and in sleep mode. The impact on the environment is reduced by the new design of the packaging, as the traditional damping material is replaced with lighter air cushions that provide safety during transport. In addition, the noise level produced by the new office printer series is significantly reduced due to improvements to the cooling fan and the ADF mechanism.