Dell Technologies launches an exclusive content platform: emerging technologies and business impact

Dell Technologies launches an exclusive content platform: emerging technologies and business impact

Dell Technologies, technology company leading the international industry, has launched the transformation-experts.ro content platform.

The exclusive platform provides its members with premium content, developed by specialists who examine and anticipate the trends helping the business environment maintain its competitive edge, in a fast-paced world.

Companies need to prepare both their activity and their employees for processes and skills we don’t even know exist.

According to an IDC study, 45% of the companies capitalizing on innovations partner up with technology providers. 61% of the companies have introduced new security technologies even before the pandemic, to protect their data, which are an inexhaustible resource. The labour market and the employees’ skills are influenced by the intelligent technologies, which automate work and create new business opportunities.

In this context, the company understands the pressure felt by the managers: where do they get their information? Where do they start? For them, Dell Technologies has created Transformation-Experts.ro.

How does the TransformationExperts hub help its members?

TransformationExperts is a hub boasting valuable resources, provided by the Dell Technologies experts, for the companies which want to learn how to fully benefit from the potential of technology.

Which are the immediate benefits for the entrepreneurs or specialists, when they become members of TransformationExperts?

1. They have access to content provided directly by the experts

One of the challenges of our time is sorting and prioritizing content. The TransformationExperts hub delivers only premium content, produced by subject matter experts.

2. They can be proactive and deliver value to their business

One of the conclusions in the business environment regarding the pandemic is that the lack of digitalization is costly. By understanding the trends and the needs of the constantly changing society, they can figure out which are the solutions their business needs to be one step ahead of the future. This way, companies managed to maintain their competitive edge longer, in an ever-changing environment: they can innovate the industry if they have the right partner.

3. They have access to immediate consultancy

By launching this platform, Dell Technologies plans to support the business environment, providing knowledge to support the most important objective of a company: transformation through technology. People who want to implement personalized solutions in the companies for which they work can contact specialists through the platform and receive guidance in the process.

4. They have access to content on their own terms

The hub is not a sources of emails flooding inboxes. It will be permanently populated with information, analyses, and current studies to which the members have free access on their account, whenever they want.

Examples of resources available for the members:

  • Analyses and forecasts in the field of emerging technologies (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud etc.) and benefits for the companies, when using them. For example, The Importance of Big Data article explains how the companies should take advantage of the collected data.
  • Analyses on how these technologies are applied in the society. For example, How intelligent are the smart cities? explores the correct understanding of the smart cities and the prioritization of technological solutions.
  • Reports and trends regarding the future of the business environment and of the society, in general, involving technology. One example is Future thinkers report: trends in the near future, which presents the vision of 4500 business leaders from all over the world, regarding future trends.

If interested, create a free account on www.transformation-experts.ro