Big project for Dent Estet in Sibiu: two million euros for inauguration of two new clinics, one for   adults and the other for children

Big project for Dent Estet in Sibiu: two million euros for inauguration of two new clinics, one for adults and the other for children

Dent Estet Sibiu for adults, the only 100% digitized clinic in the center of the country

Dent Estet clinic group continues the investment plan and reaches this year to a total of ten dental units, with the opening of two clinics in Sibiu, one for adults and the second only for children. The value of the investment in the two new units amounts to almost two million euros, the largest investment in the segment of dental clinics in Sibiu and the region.
In total, the two clinics have a total of 12 dental units and the only radiology center integrated in a clinic in Sibiu, fully equipped and 100% digitized, a digital photo studio, a training room and a center training and certification of dental professionals.

The opening of the two new clinics in Sibiu is part of the company's business strategy regarding investment plans and expansion in other cities in the country outside Bucharest.

In addition to the two clinics in Sibiu and seven in Bucharest (four for adults, two Dent Estet 4 Kids clinics and a Dent Estet 4 Teens clinic), Dent Estet is also present in Timisoara with a children's clinic.

"The dental services market has grown a lot in recent years. We are very excited to bring to Sibiu the leadership and business model that Dent Estet has successfully undertaken since 20 years ago. Following the strategic partnership with Polisano two years ago, we are consolidating our presence at regional level as well as the range of services offered to patients. Positioned in the heart of the country, Sibiu is a strategic choice in our investment plan and we intend to soon polarize patients in neighboring counties, including the dentistry segment, "says Mihai Marcu, Chairman of the Board of MedLife.

The Dent Estet Sibiu Adult Clinic has an area of ​​750 square meters and a total of seven A-Dec dental units, the absolute leader in the United States of America in dental unit manufacturing.
It is the largest dental clinic, 100% digitized in Sibiu, and brings together all the specialties of dental medicine under the same roof.

Dent Estet 4 Kids Sibiu has five units and covers an area of ​​almost 200 square meters.
The services are personalized and adapted to the needs of children and teenagers, and doctors specialize exclusively in dental treatments dedicated to children and their relationship with them. The clinic has solutions for addressing anxious patients and provides psychological counseling to enhance the comfort of both children and parents.

"When it comes to health, we always look at long-term investments. That's why we are extremely happy to mark the 20 years of activity through a special event, opening our first  clinics in Sibiu. We have a great respect for the dentist community here and we are convinced that together we can create in Sibiu a pole of excellence in dentistry and a premium service in dentistry. We believe in the education and training of doctors in our country, but also in the  power that continuous training has for both the development of the market and the education of patients. In this sense, we have already started in Sibiu the courses and educational programs of the Dental Office Managers School, through which we continuously train dental professionals, "says Oana Taban, Founder & General Manager of Dent Estet Group.

The team working in the new clinics in Sibiu consists of 35 people, of which almost half are doctors. The medical team includes doctors from Sibiu, working exclusively in Dent Estet clinics. The company aims to increase the number of physicians in the clinics, including Romanian physicians abroad, who have applied and wish to return to Romania and already have advanced discussions. With the openings in Sibiu, Dent Estet reaches 320 employees and collaborates and remains the largest employer on the Romanian dental services market.

"The Dent Estet team is defined by the" sharing "culture, which means that the doctors and staff in Sibiu will benefit from the experience and know-how we have acquired over time.
That is why physicians from Bucharest will offer their expertise visiting periodically the clinics in Sibiu for exchange of experience and full implementation of procedures. We bring our entire vision of innovation and excellence in dental medicine to Sibiu and we are extremely glad to receive requests from Romanian physicians from outside, we want them to stay in Romania and perform here, "says Cristian Taban , Executive Director Dent Estet.

Investment in technology and equipment for the first time in Sibiu

The Dent Estet Sibiu Clinic for adults is equipped with integrated high technology technology, has a digital photo studio, an integrated dental radiology center and an intervention room for dental surgery. Each patient is taken over by a coordinating physician and assisted by an internationally certified multidisciplinary team for increased comfort and time efficiency in the clinic.
Among the equipment available for the first time in Sibiu is the WaterLase® laser, one of the most advanced laser dental technologies available worldwide, which uses laser and water energy.

Considered a serial head in the US, the device is used in interventions for dental implants, endodontic treatments, periodontal therapy, surgical dental surgery, soft tissue interventions.

The dental laser EPIC BIOLASE (USA), an innovation in digital dentistry that contributes to safe and precise treatments, but also increases patient comfort in the dental office, significantly reducing the pain and the number of visits to the dentist.

The clinic has a number of other digital technologies to cover all patient needs and any requests for the most complex treatments.

The 3Shape Trios Real Color (Denmark) Intra-Oral Scanner, which provides the benefit of 3D simulation in real-world colors of the patient's teeth and tissues, so that the outcome of the treatment becomes predictable, safe and eliminates the almost complete human error.

CBCT computerized tomography from KaVo OP 3D ™ (Germany) is the highest digital technology and offers maximum accuracy in diagnosing a maxillofacial condition through 3D imaging, 3D photos, 2D panorama, and cephalometry, all in one device.

Your own and integrated dental digital laboratory Aspen, is a proprietary dental technician of the latest generation assisted by dental technicians.

Through it, the doctor's working time is improved, and patients have the opportunity to benefit from a tooth-like product in less than 24 hours.

ENDORET PRGF centrifuge (USA), a device that uses centrifugal force to separate plasma protein from the patient's blood, in about 8-10 minutes, for later use in the healing of areas where surgery has occurred.

Digital radiography, which allows a detailed visualization of the oral cavity by both the physician and the patient.

The LEICA M320 F12 (Germany) electronic microscope, enabling real-time documentation in full HD video and fast, efficient communication with the patient. Offers a wide viewing angle and wide viewing depth.

Future Smile Studio, a 3D diagnostic studio, which allows the smile to be configured and built.