Attracting EU funds must become a top priority for the next months of the year

The Association of the Businessmen in Romania (AOAR) drew attention to the fact that the state budget for the 2016 provides that almost 50% of the major public investments are to be made this year with funding from the EU budget 2014 - 2020, given that, after four months, has not been taxed no euros and ask the Government and Prime minister to review the priorities established at the beginning of the year by each ministry, attracting EU funds should become a top priority for future work, reports AGERPRES.

"AOAR follows with great interest the governmental actions in raising the European funds attracted and exploited effectively in national or regional interest projects in 2016. AOAR has consistently pleaded for the adoption of measures to support the companies that won the calls of the projects financed by POS CCE, projects that create assessments for increasing the competitiveness of the companies, particularly of the those with productive and export activity, "said AOAR in a press release issued on Wednesday to AGERPRES.

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