Allan Kleynhans is the special guest of the National Business (r) Evolution conferences

Allan Kleynhans is the special guest of the National Business (r) Evolution conferences

Allan Kleynhans is an international speaker and a world-class performance coach. He has over 30 years of experience in developing self-awareness of leadership, leadership and communication abilities.

As coach Allan has a direct approach, and clarity in everything he does. He asks the right questions that challenge the thinking patterns of the leaders they work with, so they can find the best solutions.

As a speaker, his intense, authentic style keeps the audiences involved throughout communication, which has brought him excellent reviews globally.

He was inspired by Napoleon Hill's classical work, "Think and become rich," and his own search for answers made him passionate about philosophy, psychology, and spirituality.

Allan has resonated with Anthony Robbins' approach since his discovery in 1990 and has been trained in the field of psychology of human needs and neuro-associative conditioning at Robbins Mastery University, the faculty offering the best personal and professional development tools in world.

Allan then graduated from Anthony Robbins' Leadership Academy in California in 2001 and finished Master of Leadership shortly thereafter.

Now Allan is one of Anthony Robbins's senior instructors at his international events. He is also a graduate of the Landmark system successfully completing their entire curriculum, including the intensive program called Leaders Forum.

Coach, facilitator and elite trainer, Allan helps clients achieve extraordinary personal and professional results.

Since launching his own international firm in 2001, he has trained and worked with people from all walks of life, owners of large companies, financial consultants and sports personalities, including members of the Sharks and Springbok rugby teams in South Africa.

Allan was described as "brilliant and structured, an excellent and inspirational speaker with a passion for people and a real desire to make a difference."

Due to his own experience and personal transformation, he brings to life the Bucharest workshop with his dynamic, pleasant and unconventional style.

The passion, expertise and deep knowledge of the team's performance management team guarantees that you will receive, as a participant, maximum value over the long term.

Allan, in addition to the energy he transmits within the show, transfers the audience to practical tools that help extend this value over time.