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Economic growth and purchasing power are not enough to gain consumer confidence

Only 11% of Romanian consumers believe in a positive evolution of the economy and…

The value of transactions in the oil and gas sector increased in 2018 despite a lower volume of transactions

Transaction value increased by 23% in 2018, and transaction volume declined by 18%

Growing your business on the capital market: Are you ready to benefit from listing on the stock exchange?

KPMG in Romania has prepared the Guide to Listing on the BSE, a useful…

Europe's M & A activity propels the value of energy and utilities transactions to a record high in 2018

The large-scale integrated transactions in Europe generated 49% of the total transaction value

Mentality and fear of failure, the main obstacles for those who want to start a business in Romania

Mentality and fear of failure rank first among the top obstacles for those who…

EY Study: The inputs on asset sales are approaching record levels

84% of companies plan partial business sales by 2021, up from 43% two years…

Deloitte analysis: Global banking system deals with uneven growth as it adapts to the digital transformation

The global banking system performs better than at any time in the past ten…

New studies show that Artificial Intelligence transforms employee productivity and speeds up company results

Artificial Intelligence (AI) undoubtedly transforms the way we work. Gartner estimates that in 2021,…

The FMCG market had a nearly 6% gain in 2018, influenced by rising prices

The consumer goods industry recorded an increase of 5.7% in 2018 compared to 2017

The electronic commerce continues to grow: Trends for 2019

According to PayU, the cross-border online shopping will represent one third of all sales…

EY Study: Family businesses are moving towards new technologies, but   gender diversity is lacking in boards of directors

The number of family businesses in technology-based sectors increases

63% of Romanians think they will have to work after the retirement age

Only 26% of Europeans expect to have the same standard of living after retirement.