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Continuous Learning for Skills Development, the Most Important and Urgent Human Capital Trend in Romania

Enhancing employee expertise through lifelong learning is the main concern of the Romanian employers,…

Romania in the Regional Context

Softening growth and elevated uncertainty are clouding global economic prospects - World Bank

Global Outlook  Darkening Skies

Moderating activity and heightened risks are clouding global economic prospects. International trade and investment…

The impact of negligence on verifying business partners' risk potential over VAT

The regularly check of the risk potential of business partners is becoming more and…

Instant Factoring: The volume of funding requests increased fivefold in the first half of the year compared to last semester

The company targets a volume of funding of about 15 million euros in 2019

Recovery of VAT on unpaid claims

Unfilled receivables are undoubtedly a burden for Romanian companies. Beyond the commercial risks, these…

Deloitte survey: Owners of family businesses want to keep control, but lack confidence in their succession plans

Retaining ownership of the business is one of the key elements of family businesses…

Consumers reviews, an important benchmark for shopping

GfK FutureBuy study results on the influence of technology on buying behavior

EY Romania Survey: The lacunar legislative framework - the main challenge faced by Romanian taxpayers in meeting their obligations to the Environment Fund

Identifying all tax contributions to the Environmental Fund Administration (AFM) is still a major…

How can companies prepare for ANSPDCP investigation

What can a company do if ANSPDCP initiates an investigation into its activity? How…

People analytics – solution to the labor force crises

According to McKinsey study, companies using employee data analysis increase their recruitment efficiency by…

Approval of the Administrative Code - Modifications to the legal regime of public and private property held by the state and by the administrative-territorial units

Larisa-Ioana Popoviciu, Lawyer Coordinator and Maria Nitulescu, Senior Lawyer Reff & Associates