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Learn how professional sports teams win fans and games with analytics

From player evaluation and game strategies to fan experience and variable ticketing, analytics is…

Priorities for protecting the business and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic

Boston Consulting Group specialists analyzed the current situation and identified some priority issues that…

Why Romanian economic recovery requires helicopter money to individuals

By Dimitrios Goranitis, Risk and Regulatory Advisory Partner, Deloitte Romania

What measures did the countries begin to take during the Covid-19 crisis?

Author: Mihaela Mitroi, Partner, Fiscal and Legal Assistance, EY Romania, leader of the fiscal…

What measures did the companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis take? But for those who are not affected yet?

Author: Alina Andrei, Tax & Transfer Pricing Partner at Cabot Transfer Pricing

Update on EU countries measures on COVID-19

The latest edition of the booklet reflecting recent major measures adopted in the fiscal,…

Sponsorship during the pandemic - how to effectively manage them

Opinion material by Mihaela Popescu, Director of Fiscal Services, and Anca Preda, Senior Direct…

Danescu, about the banking system: In such a powerful crisis it is very difficult to ask your profit problem

Today we all ask ourselves the question of how we manage the resource we…

The war of the two towers on the ordinance of the moratorium in Romania

Opinion material by Andrei Burz-Pinzaru, Managing Partner, Reff & Asociatii

New fiscal measures adopted in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Repayment of VAT and control activity, during the period of emergency; The activity of…

Turnover volume in retail trade, up 12.5% ​​in the first two months

However, decreases were registered in the retail trade of motor vehicle fuels in specialized…

90% of companies believe that deferral of tax obligations payment is the most useful of the fiscal measures taken in the current context

Many companies find it difficult to provide liquidity and need government support