MCR Succes story: Kaeser Kompressoren - More than 20 years of presence in Romania

MCR Succes story: Kaeser Kompressoren - More than 20 years of presence in Romania

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is one of the biggest and most successful air solution supplier, with over 5000 employees throughout the world

Our main goal is to deliver exceptional services to our clients, as well as innovative products and solutions.


Kaeser is present in the Romanian market since 1991 through a local distributor which represented many western suppliers for pumps and compressors. In 2005 we had a brand manager for Kaeser and in 2009 it was decided that is better for Kaeser to have a local branch. This is how KAESER KOMPRESSOREN, a German capital company, was established in Romania.


Our company has grown a lot through the years, webbing the country with local sales and service reps. We have opened offices in Cluj, Deva, Iasi, Sibiu and Timisoara. Our goal is to be as close to our customers as we can be, to better understand their needs and to give a quick and efficient response all the time. For 2018 we plan to  open a new office  , in Brasov.


Our portfolio of equipment, which is produced at the Coburg and Gera factories, contains: rotary screw and reciprocating compressors, oil and oil free, construction compressors and vacuum blowers, booster compressors and vacuum screw pumps. They feature outstanding reliability, energy efficiency, cost efficiency and ease of maintenance – all of which help Kaeser to achieve its top priority: maximum customer satisfaction. The company’s motto - “More compressed air with less energy” was created in an era when we were among the first ones who believed in this concept.


Not only our development engineers, but also our service staff and sales engineers are fully committed to this key objective. Our service staff starts planning the spare parts supply process at the same time with the product development process. The sales engineers advise customers on the optimal scale and features of the systems and together they choose the perfect solution, based on the specific site and production conditions.


Even following system installation, Kaeser believes it is important to maintain close dialogue with the customer. This ongoing exchange of information supports a continuous improvement process for our products and services. This is an essential factor, in addition to the reliability, cost-effectiveness and the quality for which Kaeser products are renowned throughout the world. This approach has not only allowed Kaeser to open up key global markets, but has also enabled the company to create and secure jobs in Germany as well as abroad. Today, Kaeser compressors and equipment are sold through a comprehensive network of branch offices and exclusive partners in over 100 countries.




For the first time ever, digital communication between a workpiece and a machine opens up the potential for individual products that are manufactured within an industrial mass production environment. This development presents completely new challenges, challenges that Kaeser is ready to face successfully. As your compressed air systems partner, we offer you smart solutions with unprecedented efficiency that can be seamlessly incorporated into your production and energy management system.





In ultra flexible industry 4.0 production environments, Kaeser’s intelligently networked compressed air systems reliably provide the necessary compressed air power and quality according to requirements. Moreover, potential issues within the compressed air network are identified at a very early stage so that appropriate service measures can be taken before a fault even occurs.


The SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 master controller plays a key role in all of these aspects. As the core of the overall SIGMA NETWORK, the SAM 2 transfers all compressed air system performance parameters to the KAESER DATA CENTER in real-time. Here the parameters are being analyzed, processed and supplemented with expert Kaeser knowledge and then output to various mobile end devices (monitoring cockpits). It is this real-time analysis with Kaeser expertise that makes predictive service possible.



  • Variable adjustment of compressed air control for individualized series production.

  • Exceptional efficiency through continuous realtime monitoring and optimization.

  • Maximum availability through remote diagnosis, predictive maintenance and avoidance of critical states.

  • Future-proof thanks to various interfaces, easy updates and integrated energy management in accordance with ISO 50001.


Most of our 50 experienced employees of the Romanian branch are working in the service department and we believe that the continuously improvement of our personnel will be a key feature of our future development.

We want to thank our clients from Romania and Moldavia for their trust and for using our products and solutions, a partnership that contributed to our evolution throughout the 20+ years of presence in the local market.