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Kaeser Kompressoren and combatting Coronavirus: Moving forward together mindfully

Thanks to modern data transmission technology, this can be reasonably implemented and enables employees…

Mobilair M59: Setting new standards in the 5m³ range

At its lowest pressure setting, the M59 can provide a flow rate of up…

MCR Succes story: Kaeser Kompressoren - More than 20 years of presence in Romania

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is one of the biggest and most successful air solution supplier, with…

On the verge of a new industrial revolution

We are ready to collect and store a huge quantity of information and digitalize…


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A lifetime of changes and innovation

Interview with RADU GARBEA, GENERAL MANAGER, Kaeser Kompressoren (Romania)

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN: Ready for industry 4.0

MCR Interview: Radu Garbea, General Manager Kaeser Kompressoren Romania

Industry 4.0 – Connecting everything

We witness nowadays the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, where machines tools, people, information…


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EBS Rotary Screw Blowers: Pure efficiency

The innovative EBS 410 sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency, space-saving design…

Turbo blowers: Oil-free, efficient, reliable

Kaeser turbo blowers can be used wherever low pressure process air is required

Refrigeration dryers: Efficient hot air discharge

Designed for large-scale industrial operations, these compact giants are capable of delivering flow rates…