If they want to grow and be innovative, organizations need to secure their diversity at the top

If the number of women hired in the public sector is up to 48% of the total workforce, only under 20% of them occupy a top management position in the G20 countries – shows the most recent EY report, Worldwide Women Public Sector Leaders Index

This year’s edition of the report - which includes a classification of senior executives occupying top positions within federal or national government structures, as well as in the public sector - shows that only in five of the G20 countries, women occupy leadership positions in the public sector in a proportion of over a third. Canada (with 45.9%), Australia (with 39.2%), South Africa (with 38.1%), Great Britain (with 36.2%) and Brazil (with 33.8%) - occupy the top positions in the classification, considering that South Africa went up one position and is now on the third place in the chart. S.U.A. is situated on the sixth place, with 33% of women occupying leadership positions in the public sector.

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