Foundation of the National Public Procurement Agency (ANAP)

Government Emergency Ordinance No. 13 of May 20, 2015, concerning the foundation, organization and operation of the National Public Procurement Agency was published in the Official Gazette of Romania no. 362 of 26 May 2015 (”GEO No. 13/2015”). The GEO No. 13/2015 entered into force on 26 May 2015.

GEO No. 13/2015 provides for the foundation of the National Public Procurement Agency. Such authority shall take over the attributions, activities and the personnel form the National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement (ANRMAP) and from the Unit for the Coordination and verification of public procurement from the Ministry of Finance (UCVAP).

The organization, the operation and the number of personnel of ANAP shall be approved by Government decision within 90 days from May 26, 2015.

Notwithstanding, ANRMAP and UCVAP shall cease to exist only after the entry into force of the above mentioned Government decision. Also, until the aforesaid Government decision will come into force, the Minister of Finance will ensure the coordination of the activity carried out by ANRMAP, UCVAP and the departments for verification of public procurements from the regional directorates of public finance.


The main attributions of ANAP shall be the development of politics and legislation in public procurement in accordance with the European legislation and the control of the process of awarding the public procurement contracts by the contracting authorities. The activity of ANAP shall be exercised both at central and local level.