The tax amnesty - What is to be done until 31 March 2016?

Since its entry into force on 21 October 2015 Government Emergency Ordinance no. 44/2015 regarding the granting of tax incentives has aroused great interest among taxpayers as a result of their possibility to obtain the cancellation of the penalties for delay and a significant share of interest and delay penalties due to their outstanding tax liabilities at 30 September 2015.

Although apparently limited the applicability of the provisions of GEO 44/2015 actually covers a wide range of tax liabilities, opening a series of interested taxpayers opportunities to benefit from tax incentives established by this act. Since there is a generalized perception that tax incentives will no longer be obtained after 31 March 2016 it is useful to clarify who, on what and how can taxpayers to obtain tax incentives covered by GEO 44/2015.

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