SIXT Group Romania, Mobility Partner for the Food Bank

SIXT Group Romania, Mobility Partner for the Food Bank

For SIXT Group Romania, "Always Yes" is more than a slogan, it is the Group DNA, the way people understand, feel and relate to everything they do. Because education, care for nature and social responsibility in general are pillars after which SIXT Group Romania builds its entire activity.

At partnerships already known as "Road Education Time" and "Planting good deeds in Romania", the Group adds another, " Banking Association for Food Collection and Distribution". SIXT Group Romania will provide the Association with the mobility support it needs in order to carry out its activity effectively.

"We wanted to get involved in the sustainable education of the children and I said to several groups with social missions, such as "Ana and the Children", "World Vision Romania", "Good Workshop", "SOS Children's Villages". We wanted to contribute to the education of the children in order to correctly understand the traffic rules and we said yes to the Road Traffic Education Project. We wanted to be actively involved in the protection of nature and forests in Romania and we joined the "Initiative planting good deeds in Romania". And now we want that food no longer be a waste when it can feed the children and elderly people who are in great need of it. We are happy that there are such projects that help us to be better. The puzzle, #AlwaysYesToEducation, is shaped from year to year. Investing in education, nature and in supporting society is a very important one for us. "- Tal Lahav CEO of SIXT Group Romania.

"The Banking Association for Food Collection and Distribution" is the first of its kind in Romania to operate according to the principles of the Fédération Européenne des Banques Alimentaires - FEBA and the Foodbank Network.

The association aims to collect food from producers and retailers, products that are likely to be withdrawn and get into the rubbish, polluting so, but that can be consumed quickly in the social area, being offered to NGOs that have social programs with the food aid component (for needy children, people with disabilities, poor families, or the elderly) who are in great need of it.

"When we started, in 2018, we were 1 employee and a pickup truck. Now we are 3 employees and 20 volunteers. We operate a warehouse of 300 sqm, in a logistics space in Otopeni, with 100 sqm refrigeration hall, 25 sqm freezer space, 75 sqm room with ambient temperature.
Our objective is that, by the end of 2020, we have at least 6 autonomous associations in Romania to be able to operate warehouses in Bucharest, Roman, Cluj, Timisoara, Craiova and Brasov and who can collect products from a larger area. Our goal is to get over 1,000 tons of goods per year from more than 100 companies and to support over 200 humanitarian organizations and indirectly more than 25,000 people in difficulty.  We want to start an educational program in schools to offer students and teachers practical rules and activities to reduce food waste. SIXT Group Romania, along with us as a mobility partner, brings us even closer to this goal. "- Gabriel Sescu President of the Association for the Collection and Distribution of Foods.

Only in 2018, the "Bank for Food Collection and Distribution" meant: 15 companies that offered the goods that would otherwise have been thrown over 212,000 kg of products, the equivalent of over 600 cubic meters of salvaged and donated goods, with an estimated value of over 3,120,000 lei. The food was donated to a number of 72 NGOs: homes for the elderly, residential and residential centers for minors, centers for victims of domestic violence, daycare centers and residential facilities for people with disabilities, social canteens and not only in the sea their majority in Bucharest, Ilfov and Prahova. They have the potential of over 18,000 beneficiaries.