Secom® recorded a turnover of 100 million RON in 2018, up 10% from the previous year

Secom® recorded a turnover of 100 million RON in 2018, up 10% from the previous year

Secom®, the Romanian company with 15 years of experience in the import, promotion and marketing of natural products for health and beauty, ended the year 2018 with a turnover of almost 100 million lei, keeping its third place in the top of the players industry, with a market share of 6.44%.

The main projects of the company last year were the expansion of the portfolio with a new product category, namely natural premium teas and the growth of the retail network with two new stores in Arad and Oradea. Moreover, in 2018 the company outsourced the logistics and distribution services to KLG Europe Logistics, a decision that led to a significant increase in storage capacity and the efficiency of specific processes and operations.

As regards the product portfolio, last year Secom® brought exclusively to Romania the premium tea brands TEALIA® and The Republic of Tea, appreciated internationally for superior quality and health benefits.

Dedicated to the promise to innovate permanently on the food supplements segment, the company has brought to consumers' attention in 2018 innovative ingredients that have consecrated Secom® on the local market, such as Colostrum, medicinal mushrooms, but this time in combinations or new forms of administration which offer better bioavailability.

In addition, Secom® has strengthened its portfolio by introducing new products to the pediatric, nervous and digestive segments and a comprehensive range for the respiratory system.

Last year, Secom® increased its investments by 22% compared to 2017, allocating more than 13 million lei, in communication and promotion activities, in its two new retail units, as well as in the development of high-performance computer systems. At the same time, the company has given special importance to team building, investing in actions to increase its cohesion and organizational commitment, as well as in the development of Secom® technical, functional and management skills. The company aims to continue its investments in 2019, intending to allocate over 16 million lei in marketing campaigns, IT projects and initiatives to develop the team and expand the services offered at the Secom® Functional and Integrative Medicine Center.

"The Secom® word order in 2018 was" consolidation. " We have consolidated our portfolio, team and 3rd place in a highly fragmented and competitive market. It was a year in which we strengthened the company's "immune system" to support our ambitious plans in the future. Our priorities in 2019 aim to: expand the portfolio with new, uncompromising quality products, as we are accustomed to consumers, strengthen our own network of stores and pharmacies' partnerships, continue promotional activities in the media as well as information initiatives and educating the Romanians to have a healthy lifestyle despite the modern challenges, "said Lucia Costea, co-founder and managing partner of Secom®.

At present, the Secom® portfolio includes 470 premium natural ingredients with high quality ingredients in three categories: dietary supplements that cover a wide range of diseases, premium teas and last generation cosmetics.