Prestigious professors from MIT and INSEAD hold a business mentoring program in Romania

In Business Mentoring Program, entrepreneurs, top managers and intrapreneurs learn how to develop their business from practitioners from the leading universities in the world

In March, the Post-Privatization Foundation in Bucharest will organize the first seminar of the third edition of the Business Mentoring Program, a series of trainings for executives, taught by professors from prestigious universities such as MIT and INSEAD.


Increasingly more Romanian companies have the opportunity to internationalize their business, but they encounter, most often, an obstacle: the lack of know-how. In the first two editions, over 150 managers and entrepreneurs attended the BMP seminars, and in 2013, along with the courses in marketing, sales strategy, operational excellence, investment and financing and finance for non-financiers, students will be able to experience Bissada Sigma Challenge.


Detailed curriculum, schedule and how to register can be found on site www.businessmentoring.ro



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